9 thoughts on “AKASLIME HAND

  1. Glad him stop the bleaching, maybe some of the young people will also stop because they look up to him. He has come along way, I refused to listen to his music because I was convinced he was possessed. I was out and heard his music, I didn’t even know it was him. I like the Formula song, I can’t listen to all of his music, 2 slack and no I don’t have virgin ears. He is young and trying to find his way. I’m glad to see that he is cleaning up his appearance/image, keep in up. Please sing some that can uplift our people, use your platform responsibly. Who would have thought I would have anything positive to say about him

  2. When yuh stop bleach a so yuh skin look afterwards, glad him stop still. Young people take this as a lesson do not bleach your skin embrace your beauty. On another note young man it seems you have lost some weight or the critics are beginning to stress you because you look a bit sick. I’m not one of your followers as your type of music is a bit too loose for my liking but stay on a healthy path, eat right, take your vitamins and use condoms with groupies. Yuh looking ill young youth.

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