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Them a drag Rev.Al sharpton sey him switch from civil rights movement and gone fully rainbow supporter. The thing is some ppl are saying it is photoshopped,while others are saying he Was there with Hilary at the event! We have some photoshop experts pon the wall so what unno sey cuz I don’t know which side to quite believe.


  1. He was there. Its not photoshopped. The parade was reported on television by all news networks. He was there

  2. Rev Sharpton is a staunch supporter fi Hillary and yes he was there ….but my question is why are they riding his d**k he’s a politician and also a community leader so he is gonna be at parades if he wants to.

  3. I have heard Sharpton on more than one occasion state that the LBGTQ movement is the penultimate or signature civil rights movement of the 21st century. He is one of the biggest LGBTQ advocates out there. Him and Cornel West–two ordained men…

  4. Yes imma go right ahead n pull the “coon” card cuz he has lost the plot.MLK Jr must a turn non-stop Inna him grave.

    1. @yardielovethug See, it is all about human rights for them. It is all about the buzz words and if you don’t think carefully, you will get caught up. Devoid of any moral references. What they fail to realize is that with the absence of morality, the human being has the right/leverage to do anything. Hence, relative to values, human rights represents a misnomer.

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