0 thoughts on “ALKAHUNGRY

  1. You know I swewr this was one a di battybwoy dem from out a di gully. I don’t know what image him a try otray but I sure know what coming across. Smh

  2. Am I the only one repulsed? Shame,shame, shame! Wey woman a guh duh? Mi sorry fi this young generation of females cos they won’t have a freaking clue what a man is cos none nuh lef.
    This is disgraceful. And the worst part is, mi despise a ugly crawny faggot. Faggot fi look good and handsome and a step right outta queer eye for the straight guy.

    1. Yes! Ah true. I can’t stand to see a stinky looking Homosexual guy. when mi goh look and mi look all me smell is doodoo! Dem fi look clean and when mi seh clean I mean very polished and shine.

  3. One ting wid gay men dem love a piece attention whey doe normal. Dem seek it neatly , messy …any kinda way..This negro’s has no brief on but him hood well duck taped down because there is no sign of it and the bottom a di jumper so tight :travel

  4. Probably just cah gain weight nuh matta how much dumplin and rice him eat daily.As much as we criticize this yute his sins aren’t worse than ours,sin a sin.Mi nuh inna dancehall but a do believe him ketch a whole heap a heat from society more than any other artist just a come out worse than slack YOUNG Buju.I actually feel sorry for him , hope he is a very nice person otherwise

  5. Fun n joke aside unnu no see say him gain weight lmaoooooooooooooooooooooo hahahahaha but no seerusly him gain weight man him a eat food ya now as fi di jumper mi no words smh no rawseeeeeee words at all

    1. CC yea look on his cheeks dem no drap inna hole again but the JUMPER DI JUMPER IS WAT HIM REALLY A THINK BOUT WID THAT JUMPER?????!????

  6. AND THE GULLY QUEEN AWARD GOES……….OUTTALINE :mahongintip ….DA BWOY YAH FI BAN …dem fi lock him up fi non human behavior .him nuh tan good and all him a pree a 2016 by dat deh time him mus dead fi hungry …da style deh weh u have up youth show seh u nah deh bout afta five year expiry dem pon yu…go clean up u NASINISS…FIRE FI OUTTALINE ……U WALK WID DI SPIRIT SO U SLOWLY A MOVE LIKE RIHANNA …U CAH FOOL EVERY BODY U GONE IN A INEQUITY FI MEK MONEY LIKE U NUH SI WHPPN TO DI ONE WHEN DEM GI LIFE WAH DAY …..A DOE EVN MEMBA HIM NAME

  7. Hailing met n metters :peluk :peluk :peluk .Met look again pan the side weh the jumper drop dung if u nuh c the baggy lastic.

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