Yesterday I had the displeasure of speaking to a young woman who recently had a baby at the University Hospital in Jamaica.She spoke on her experience there and laments that it was ok, but for the other young women she saw, it was horrific. Mothers are given a list of items that they need for their short stay but are forced to bring items of a lesser value to the hospital in fear that they will be stolen. The young woman recalled another mother’s soap being stolen, another mother’s bottles and in some cases clothing. There is no supervision of items, even if the mother’s are taken to the operating room.
Not only do mothers have to keep an eye on their possessions but the attitude of the staff makes their experience worse. She mentioned a case where a young woman whose hand was occupied by an IV, after being induced and in pain, asked a nurse to open a bag for her so that she would be able to get a bottle of water that was inside. The nurse flat out refused and asked the young woman if her hand was broken…A woman who gave birth at the Spanish Town Hospital has also made claims of being treated poorly. We also do know of Victotia Jubilee’s horrors. The plan from now on is to spread the word, have people send in their experiences, please submit video or written evidence of these abusive nurses. And, if possible please put their names and shifts. Change has to begin somewhere..


    1. Ive never heard anything like that in my life. U go a hospital fi have baby n all u soap is stolen. What is the government really doing for Jamaica?

      1. Morning Met, a nu the government in these cases. Is the likkle dutty, thieving retnobate dem whey inna de hospital and dem dutty combolung friends a family…not to mention de thieving nurse dem to.
        For instances, imagine gal like all robbas a tun nurse and a work a hospital…or it a gi birth and inna de people dem ward… :maho

          1. Me gran de pon a private ward (name after a certain Minister family)…and you wouldn’t believe how 100 gloves gone in less than 2 days! In this case it was the nurse dem a tek dem. Other than that no problem.
            But if you go siddung a KPH fi all 4 hours you would see the two sides to the conflict.
            Nuff a de nurse gal dem nu have nu rass manaz, #FACT! Many just use to maltreatment and dash all manner of professionalism to the wind.

          2. Yes a long time hospitals a get robbed by the same workers..If u go a Belview pan any given day u see dem a lef wid di mad people dem food.If dem set up a good security system a dem hospital dere and really start get at them fi di teefin then they would save so much money. I have family working a KPH as we speak and no matter what people se a di demeanor whey some a dem go work wid why dem face the challenges..Remember KPH is a place where someone will go and to them the person will die anyway …and they leave them to die…UWI I hear does the same thing. People that go to these hospitals know this and if u go in a health care facility you shouldnt go in feeling like the workers dont care..So based on that people will act a way.

  1. Good morning. I had my baby at Jubilee and i didnt encounter no problem. I was in the High risk room and the nurse sat by my bedside.
    While at the hospital there was a rasta lady came in and was screaming bout har pussy a tear out, while the baby have even started to come down the nurse looked at her docket and said to her “you have 4 already u never know seh the pain hot”.
    I think the way u behave at the hospital determines the way u will be treated.
    I cried for pain for the whole day, but i did not scream, after which the nurse gave me pain killer and send me to the theatre.

    1. Pain affects every patient differently. Not every one can stand pain. And not because they crying that means they should be treated badly. Try that in Uncle Dams country and they will be without a license and a job. Nursing is mainly about caring and comforting the sick.

    2. Professionalism has to be maintained no matter what. The people who come into the hospital are not trained professionals they are patients so dealing with them the way they behave is unacceptable.

  2. Pure slackness a gwaan. They love to adapt and follow America
    Do what uncle Sam do when it comes to mother having babies. Nurses have to be held responsible for their behavior as well as how they treat the patients. Make the environment safer for patients. But then again that might be too difficult to implement for the Jamaican government

    1. Again, government a nu yu issue…is the hospital staff and administration. US government makes laws but dem nu run hospitals and some hospitals only abide by Uncle sam rules because of federal dollars.

  3. True, true.. Met u deh ask bout Government? which government Met? kmt. If di people dem nuh stand up and do something nothing will be done…yes dem fi video dem,tape dem watchever dem need fi do and post it up suh that people can see dem nasty behavior, but sometimes all dat nuh wuk and dem might den all tell dem no phones etc on the wards..bwoi Jamaica and Jamaicans deserve so much more than wah dem getting..so sad over all of wah is going on down deh..really makes me sad more time man.

    1. But Tinan when u have some people who think people dont deserve to be treated like human beings , there is little you can expect from the government because they may share the same opinion. If dem nuh have di capacity fi comfort people dem nuh fi go ina no medical profession

      1. Same suh mi seh..but u realize seh a dem always run gun innah in Met..some a dem a just fi di money wah dem tink dem guh get..some just go in deh fi use and abuse di patients..dear God man..Met, although I have never had a bad experience, mi seh yard or abroad, a fraid fi get sick, and that is the God honest truth.

  4. @ anon 9:36, pain is subjective the professional nurse knows that…from an ethical perspective “pain is whatever the experiencing person says it is” that is fundamental nursing. Another thing to address is the fact that any part of her medical history (announcing this was her fourth delivery) was discussed without her consent. Humanity is a basic right, as a healthcare professional let me restate that ; as a healthcare “worker” she is completely out if line. It is not only incorrect to believe that how you behave determines how you treated and it is those beliefs that make it appear ok to those providing the service. Nurses have a ethical right to do no harm, not addressing the mothers pain is directly doing harm to the mom and indirectly the fetus.. Jamaica need a complete over haul of the healthcare system nurses feel too entitled there that’s just my belief. When people done sue yuh an di hospital and call JCAHO up yah yuh fawt!!!

    1. And after all of that…where the patient responsibilities begin? For one, the exclamation of “mi pussy a tear out” is a no, no. And to mention to said patient that she already had 4 is of no violation; that violation (US laws) is in asking about children during a job interview.

  5. Met, I’m glad you mentioned the government, the situation is two-fold. As far as I see it and as long as I can remember, I’ve always heard of ill-treatment at the country’s two top hospitals. I know someone at the helm of one of them and let me tell you something, it is no joke, the govt has burdened the healthcare system when user access fees were abandoned. Now I am not making excuses for their behaviour but it’s like a trickle effect. We have the worst kinds of politicians who know nothing about strategic planning and mgt. The nurses are already faced with a multiplicity of problems like late pay and yes I said that (hospital under-funded, low budgets etc) now let us talk truth they are humans also and no I am not a nurse and neither am I making excuses for their behaviour, just trying to show the correlation where some may be extremely stressed out all because a d set a idiots we have running the country

    1. Some a dem “bad gal” patients tek piss and wet up nurse. Know one whey get kick dung by gal man because she couldn’t grant a favor. Two-fold of course.

  6. Met, a yu record yu fi go ask dem fah! hell and powda house, pon tap a de ‘can’t find’, come back and all that…Administration disgusting!

  7. @Metty, u know dis yah topic touchy fi me…My profession fi 12 yrs and going stong but OBGYN anuh my cup a tea, however, ive heard nightmare stories about jamaica healthcare systems..Well metty and metters, fi di past 2 weeks, me waan unu know say i was on the verge of DAMAGING one raasclaate p27 year old dutty bipolar white gal patient..She test me faith to the point of homicide last wednesday nite and me beg a next nurse fi replace me before me bash har bloodclaate skull ina di wall, as there is a God..She threaten me, call me every dutty name ina di book, cause problem, provoke her peers, throw food on a staff member,strip naked in hallway, piss on the floor. Hence, i wanted to kill her, but common sence prevail..Im not Excusing no one’s behavior, but i had to remove myself before i did something rash.

  8. why ppl love ask if yuh nuh have kids already like mi neva knw wen yuh have wan a de wan dead pain and dats it?!?!? if she a bawl seh she nah f**k agen dat nuh av ntn fi duh wid dem tending tuh dem as how they sud Ja Birthing system is one of the worse wuss if is a teenager a give birth they treat dem like SHIT

  9. Bwoy!!! ANONYMOUS 9:36AM
    If I should have you as a nurse, I woulda rather be in the wilderness with animals because even animals know bout nurturing….. There are countless of times I hear patients cursing out nurses and doctors here in the state an a call dem “bitch, whore, and slut” but some chose to not answer and some decide to reply back showing love.
    The point is, every woman that have kids or even if you don’t have any yet should treat women in labor with damn dignity.
    So your logic is, because the woman a bawl bout pain an her pussy she must be treated terrible?

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