1. Oh my GOD.. lol when the promoter them done rob alkaline you see met.. everybody turn artiste management/ blah blah. Well alkaline tell your sister to read this

    Diploma In Business (Music Industry)

    Music Managers face many challenges and opportunities in today’s music marketplace, including getting the right knowledge and information to understand the role of management, getting started in the business of artist management, starting a company with limited or no funds, acquiring adequate funding for business and artist’s projects, gaining access to connected industry players and getting into the “inner circles”, getting their artist’s careers moving forward, knowing how to build contacts, getting exposure for their artists on a limited budget, figuring out how to generate consistent income for their artists, helping their artists to stand out from the crowd, dealing with massive amounts of competition, getting the attention of labels, strategic partners and/or investors, getting heard by the right people, getting their artists booked for paid shows in a tough economy, combating piracy and illegal downloads, generating “buzz” for artists, getting radio airplay, reaching the kind of people that can help their artist’s career, navigating past people that cling to the old rules, figuring out where their artists fit in the marketplace, making a name for themselves in the industry, finding new revenue streams, and more.
    In this shifting music business landscape, the success edge will go to managers who are most knowledgeable, flexible and forward-thinking; and who operate with the right mixture of financing, talent, planning, and game plan execution.

    I am not underestimating his sister.. She learn fast she will be ok. Anyways artiste management is not only to get show for your artist.. everybody want to be the boss but don’t take the time to sit and learn about a business or an organization before them think of penny wise and pound foolish

  2. I like how they remained tactful without throwing shade even after their dealings with him went sour.

  3. these men are very professional…met notice how dem dont get into the “tatoo eye” ting? lol something nuh right doh lol mi want fi si di #2016 rupture

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