Freaky dancehall singjay J Amsterdam says local DJs are refusing to play his music because they are afraid of the stigma.

According to the Wine Inna Mi Face singer, Jamaica’s music industry is not prepared for his level of ‘freakishness’.

“I think they don’t want to play the song because they don’t want to be associated with that kind of thing, and that’s why so many people were going against it on Facebook,” he said.

The singjay also said while he does not blame DJs for not playing his song in an attempt to protect their reputation, its blatant hypocrisy.

“If DJs played it, they would get ‘fire bun’ and honestly, I don’t think they would want to risk their career,” J Amsterdam said.

He also told THE STAR that he misjudged the level of backlash he would get for releasing the controversial single, and even made an attempt to retract his admission to having performed oral sex.

“I can’t go anywhere right now, and I have been getting death threats. I have stayed in my house for three days without going outside. I have not done the things I said in the song, I was just trying to fulfil my dreams of having a lucrative career. When I did the song I thought the freaks would have supported me, but they have not,” he said.

J Amsterdam also commented on Alkaline’s ‘anal licking’ lyrics saying, “Alkaline is making it bad for me right now because people feel that he did the anal licking line because of me, Demarco and Ricky Carty. But what he did in his song with one line is worse than my entire song. This did me more harm than good because I have received no bookings, not even Tiana or D’Angel want to be associated with me. Persons have to be hypocrites to survive in this industry … Jamaica is not ready for it, and even though I said oral sex in the song, I have never performed it,” J Amsterdam added.

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  1. Frigger! In the world of shock value where sex tapes gave given birth to stardom, he, in his arrogance thought he would outdo Kartel. With Diana King ‘coming out’ and resurrect a moment of fame, he thought this would catapult his career as the ground breaking reggae artist to openly reveal what many people do in private but deny in public.
    I’m glad it back fired. As much as I despise Kartel, he’s taklented, he’s smart and he was ground breaking in his antics. This idiot on the other hand is simply attempting to piggyback a formula that worked for Kartel and apparently killed his career before it even started.

  2. F**ker! Yeah man your words have power. You a put out garbage and expect people fi lapp it up like milk, good to know that likkle standards still left

  3. This is bulshit I never been with a Jamaican man that never go down on me shit a few even locked my ass. He’s right they all a bunch of hypocrites. All the porn they watching have in licking pussy, ass even anal sex you dat no stop them from wanting to try it or stop watching it. HYPOCRITES I TELL YOU

    1. nuff man still ah hold dem order believe it or not, not EVERY MAN go there, NOPES!!!…BUT REGARDLESS OF how freaky one may be, certain things are still considered TABOO, in Jamaica, so all when dem ah Peter Nygard twin and then some, who really ah go stan up inna ah dance ah LIGHTER, or buss two shot when WINE INNA MI FACE PLAY??..not even Welton Ire or Squiggly ranks!!!

  4. “When I did the song I thought the freaks would have supported me, but they have not,” LOL, good fe yu, ah yu ah de real iron baloon!

    1. That’s where he went wrong he should have tried harder to bring out more freaks, him rude for saying that lol

  5. If people be more open then the gays can be more open. which will prevent and stop the spreading the AIDS epidemic . If you can do it in your bedrooms and proud a it , why it can’t be known? If you shame feh hear bout it then you should be ashamed enough NOT TO DO IT. Again a bunch of f$&king hypocrites. The Yankee dem song bout it and nobody naw stop dem food but it’s typical for Jamaicans to try stop their own from eat. GUESS WHAT ALL THE JAMAICAN MEN THATS NOT EATING PUSSY SEXING “MEN” ASSES.

    1. The difference between the Yankees are that ; oral sex, batty wash, anal sex are not taboo in America. But in Jamaica it is. If one love to lick ass or have their ass lick, don’t talk about it,keep it private. btw, some of those people who are sending death threat are the same one who rate Kartel who said ‘everytime him f*uck him dyck have to suck”.

    2. true words … lil wayne even jay z raps about eating pussy and they are millionaires. we jamaicans must do better and stop putting down each other. jamaicans are the biggest freaks. bounty killa beenie man and many others a nyam pussy. aint nothing wrong with eating pumpum sexing men in the ass is wrong. wake up

  6. I just believe people to care to hear that sort of stuff blaring on radio or in public. Sex is a private act.. Performed in private so some things should remain private

    1. Sorry for errors.
      I just believe people don’t care to hear that sort of stuff blaring on radio or in public. Sex is a private act.. Performed in private so some things should remain private

        1. Are you kidding!!! Which jamaican DON’T have a problem watching two men kiss? There is no irony in that!

  7. Bimmazzzzzz!!!!!!!!
    As fi dis eeediat. Iron balloon, sex sells but nuh when you brawlin wid it suh. Tan inna yu yaad till yu can write supn wid sense or link Mamacita fi a hit.

      1. Suh there is a wrong way and a right way fi dj bout freakiness!!??…Got it!!! Jamaican society is the epitome of hypocrisy

  8. Forgive me, but is that Divan-ista or Diva-nista? No disrespect but it r Sundeh an mi like get mi pronunciation karrek.

  9. I feel nobody gave him a chance as dwrl said most Jamaican man eat so whats the problem? I was a littleexcited for him when he said it would play in freaky clubs. I was skeptical about the stage show thing tho. My man love eat me & when he started he used to bun dem tings out wicked, but I slowly talked him into it & now I have to tell him to stop sometimes.

  10. Some Jamaicans are just ignorant. The lyrics in his songs shouldn’t warrant death threats towards this young man. Kartel made numerous songs pertaining to sex and the whole dance hall fraternity accept it, so I want to know what did he do that Kartel didn’t do when it comes to the lyrics in their songs? I myself do not care for these sexually charge lyrics, it doesn’t appeal to me on bit. This young man fail big time! He’s trying to take Kartel’s place when it comes to the “freakishness” and the teacher’s students are not buying it because there’s only one freaky DJ and it’s Kartel. Now look at Alkaline talking about he like getting batty wash?! Smh…..I feel sorry for the lil one coming up.

  11. Som ppl only bun somn wen a somebody weh dem nuh like are familia wit A dweet….kartel like pushing di envelop, a him seh gyal fi suck cocky all inna reggae sumfest caa shi naa swallow nuttn weh shi cyaa digest, every time him f**k him cocky get suck etc. suh only ppl weh bunout f**kry from all DJ shud hav a problem wid dis…it Wudnt make no sense fi rate kartel den a bun dis yute cuz his antics is wat pave di way fi shit like dis… mi hear a lot a him fans a seh alkaline too slack! Dat to me is jus hypocrisy …mi bun drag queen das y mi bun matteron wah day wid di wig ting ….wen me against somthing mi bun it pon every level, mi nuh bun it pon one an den glorify it pon anodda….. Mi nuh duh dah bias fyah somn deh.

  12. Wat happen to originality every1 talking same slackness so kartel a freaky DJ so unno wah mmcum take his spot weh him leff off go get unno owna style jus a bunch a lames waggonist

  13. A the gays weh a run Jamaica dem must bun out, if gal can suck dick, man must I repeat must eat pussy, NO LICKING NO STICKING……woiiiieeee mi want go list to dat song. It’s only taboo to the folks living in sexual denial. Your man home won’t do it and highly against it in your household but him a EAT in the street or a sleep with MEN!

  14. HYPOCRISY IN THE HIGHEST HEIGHTS!! While im am not a fan of severely explicit dancehall music, kartel has done WAY MORE degrading and Disturbing lyrics(aka “KILL DEM ALL AND DONE”: TUNE MEANT TO COUNTERACT MOVADO: listen to di wordz and tell me if that coksukker isnt sick)..Yes, the yute content is bold and boisterous, but him nah hide how him feel. Di dancehall community is a bunch of raasclaate hypocrite. I dont think he’s trying to replace shirley in anyway and what has this man done to warrant death threats?? like really thou!!. Many of us may not like di content of his music but its no way different from KARTEL F**KERY WHA HIM CALL LYRICS..GTFOH and loww di yute..If we burn one we affi burn all.

  15. mi jus a read di article but dwbrcl @

    “This did me more harm than good because I have received no bookings, not even Tiana or D’Angel want to be associated with me.”

    wat a piece a facetiness?!

  16. @Dwri#30 a true u deh talk, A man come frm US come eat mi, we wz frenz from back home, him say him no eat him wife for she smell,, but a him fuk all bout an mek her smell, mi control mine wives hav noo talk but fi tek it noo care weh it a come frm

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