The judge today ordered that the 16-year-old boy, who has been in State care since he was stopped in Suriname over allegations that he was travelling to Turkey to join terror network ISIS, should remain in custody until next Tuesday.

A decision will then be made as to whether he is to be sent home or remain in State care.

OBSERVER ONLINE had reported that the boy was deported by Suriname authorities on Saturday after he arrived in the South American country on a flight from Jamaica in-transit to the Netherlands.

The Suriname police alleged that the boy’s final destination would have been Turkey, a famous route through which recruits travel to join ISIS – which has been responsible for a growing number of beheadings and mass murders in sections of the Middle East.

They said the boy was “denied entry to Suriname because we received information from the regional intelligence service that he wanted to join ISIS”.

But on Tuesday, a relative insisted that the boy’s final destination would have been the Netherlands, where he would have spent time with family members, including his grandmother.

“Dem talking about ISIS, the boy was not part of any group. The only thing I know is that him love to play football and run up and down in the lane with his friends. The information that they are spreading is untrue and will only help to destroy the youth’s future,” the boy’s grandfather told OBSERVER ONLINE.

“He is innocent; I hear the security forces come and spreading all kinds of news, but the information is incorrect; the boy was going to visit his grandmother, he was not going to join no ISIS,” the elderly man at the time complained.


  1. Something not adding up, if he was innocent and these are allegations they would have released him -Met me in a N. America n it is surprising how these teens hid informationn fr their parents and relatives to join ISIS n intern put their entire family in danger with the law

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