This deportee was very upset about having been ejected from the UK under circumstances which he described as racism and

A total of 9,425 Jamaicans have been deported from around the world since 2012, including 4,153 from the United States of America (USA), 1,345 from the United Kingdom, and 931 from Canada.

According to deportation statistics requested from the national security ministry by the

Jamaica Observer yesterday, between January and June of this year 342 Jamaicans were sent back from the USA while 149 were deported from the UK. Another 42 Jamaicans were expelled by Britain on Wednesday this week under controversial circumstances.

Between 2012 and June 2016 a total of 2,954 Jamaicans were sent packing from other countries, among them The Bahamas, Trinidad and Tobago, Curacao, Mexico, Germany, Cayman, Colombia, Grenada, Panama, St Lucia, Switzerland, St Maarten, Aruba, and Antigua.

The data demonstrate that the deportations have mainly been as a result of overstaying or illegal entry/re-entry into these countries. This offence accounted for 902 deportations in 2015; 899 in 2014; 791 in 2013; and 894 in 2012. The other reasons are drug-related offences; assault and wounding; theft; murder; firearm offences; sexual offences, and other crimes.

Yesterday National Security Minister Robert Montague sought to downplay the deportation of the Jamaicans who arrived here on Wednesday, pointing out that it was nothing out of the ordinary.

“It should be pointed out that this is not unusual, nor the first time where Jamaican citizens have been deported by the United Kingdom in such large numbers. In 2014, 40 persons were returned to Jamaica on a charter flight, and since then, persons have been returned to the island on a regular basis,” he said in a statement issued to the media.

The Jamaicans, some of whom have reportedly lived all their lives in the UK, were sent back to the island amid accusations of injustice from the deportees and some critics in London. The deportations were enforced in spite of appeals mounted in the UK against the process by those affected.

The national security minister said the return of the Jamaicans in this instance “raises interesting questions on human rights and natural justice”.

A Glasgow-based immigration support group – Unity Centre – has accused the UK Home Office of pushing the Jamaicans out using manipulation tactics. The group also charged that racism played a role in the action taken by the British Government.

“The UK Government’s decision to forcibly remove 50 people to Jamaica on Wednesday morning, deporting them on a private charter plane, was unjust and unfair. Among those targeted were parents, grandparents and partners of people still resident in the UK, some of whom are primary caregivers and one with a mental health condition. All but one had children. Many had been living in the UK for over 10 years, with some arriving in the country as small children, even babies,” a human rights piece in the UK

Guardian newspaper read yesterday.

Montague stressed that Jamaican authorities would “give due consideration to the various expressions, both by the returned citizens and observers, with respect to this latest deportation, and will, where applicable, incorporate views and perspectives in the improvement of its own protocols governing deported persons from Jamaica”.

He pointed out that the ministry was also awaiting the outcomes of the legal challenges in the UK and would “give support” where necessary.

The Opposition on Wednesday said it was concerned that the deportation took place with the Government’s consent. But Montague, in his statement, rebutted that it was the previous Jamaican Government that had, in April 2007, signed a memorandum of understanding with the UK Government, making it compulsory for Jamaica to accept persons who are deported from there. At the same time, he called for the public to respect the privacy of deportees.


  1. Dis proves exactly what I been preaching forever, never get too comfortable as an immigrant cause history has proven where immigrants have been tossed out of their adopted nations and sent right back to their place of birth, even those without a criminal history.

    It’s going to get very tough to get in many countries. Most looking for highly skilled ppl who can propel their country forward, or those with money to invest and hire ppl. Who nuh want to teck to dem schooling or guh learn a transferable trade will find themself at the bottom of the heap.

  2. The UK is killing itself so fast you wouldn’t believe. Few years ago one of the biggest education earner was foreign students .Now that industry is dead ,forcing the government to start charging for university in order to fill the gap.
    Because of racist and xenophobic practices by UK governments,indian and other students from asia who used to attend medical school in the UK and paid in excess of £20,000 a year ,are now going elsewhere having being unable to obtain study visas.

    The world was not always as it is and the countries that are rich now were not always rich.One day the table will turn again. To speed up the process we need to rid our country of those who are destroying it.
    Jamaicans face a hard time abroad because of the drug dealers who have destroyed our image,people like roy fowl and others before him and after.
    We should inform on these people as they make life hard for everyone.

  3. No Jamaican should ever be deported from ENGLAND. The Britishish colonized Jamaica since 1655 till 1962 over 300 years, literally making the British rich from sugar cane, not to mention the field labor they brought from Africa to Jamaica in slavery. The demand for sugar in Europe fueled the demand for slaves in Jamaica. They literally worked us to death. England became a super power on the backs of black people. No reparation for our free labor. So no deportations should be happening to Jamaicans

    1. Stop spilling utter rubbish from your fingers, England don’t owe Us Jamaicans a thing, You sound like the Rasta man bout it was just two bag a weed him get deported fah, You is one of Jamaica’s problem, We are not entitled to nothing! we go to the people them country with our holigonism, don’t want to work, we sell drugs, theef and scam live in them country for years illegally and don’t have the common sense to get our papers right, we have big dance and dash champagne on our shoes and name brands, lets face the music, Our arrogance is finally catching up on us, tones of Jamaicans live in England living by the rules and the laws, working and paying their taxes, it’s time we all stop finding excuse for our behavior! A spade is a damn spade.

      1. Well said!!! The so-called Rasta man….wasn’t he charge with robbing the weed from other people? Wait until Trump win the next election. Then we will see wholesale deportation. That is what americans want, since minorities will be a majority in the next 10 – 20 years. With minorities being the majority, we will control the seats of power in the USA.

  4. Well after the second world war (1945) Britain was in a total mess, plenty of their men had died in the war, the British government SENT for Jamaicans to help rebuild their mashed up country, plenty of Jamaicans went over there and help put Britain back on its feet, therefore NO Jamaican should be deported unless they are a serious danger to the public… Most of those Eastern Europeans have not done anything to help Britain but them a reap what we Jamaicans sow…. If they (Britain) behave in that manner they will feel a judgement again… As Salassie told the British “Today for me tomorrow for you”
    When he was attacked by Italy Mussolini and they never want to help him until Germany raarss them up and the feel a judgement, then they helped King Salassie conquer Mussolini the Pig….

  5. even though any sovereign nation can do as they please, the thing that baffles me is up until recently, Britain didn’t have a formal immigration system, as a matter of fact I don’t think to this day they have a iron-clad immigration system compare to the likes of the US, Canada, Australia, thats why a lot of people BOUGHT british passports in the 1990’s because their immigration system was loose,I’m not going to deny that maybe some jamaicans deserve to be expelled from Britain or anywhere else because you have some illiterate ones who feel that any country they migrate to whether legal or illegal, they think that they are invincible, but for christ sakes HOW CAN YOU EXPEL SOMEONE FROM A COUNTRY WHO LIVE THERE FOR ALMOST 40 YEARS, HAVE STRONG FAMILY TIES THERE, HAVE NO CRIMINAL HISTORY THERE, LIVE IN THAT COUNTRY WHEN DURING THE DURATION OF THEIR RESIDENCE THERE WERE NO FIX OR FORMAL IMMIGRATION SYSTEM, wouldn’t it make more sense to automatically regularize those people’s status if they have none, why should they have to pay to have their status updated knowing that the popular assumption is they can’t afford it(thats why its obvious it was a settup), I have less sympathy for the criminal ones as in any country if you break their CRIMINAL LAWS then you suffer the consequences, but the ones that were victimes of an overstay or a misunderstanding on their status shouldn’t be treated in such a inhumane way, I WONDER HOW THE BRITS WOULD FEEL IF THE ABORIGINEES IN AUSTRALIA FINALLY TAKE A GRIP, TAKE THEIR LAND(notice I said land) BACK FROM THE BRITISH WHO CAME AND OCCUPY, ROUND UP ALL OF THEM AND MASS DEPORT ALL THOSE AUSTRALIANS OF BRITISH ORGIN? I WONDER HOW BRITAIN WOULD REACT? JUST CURIOUS!

  6. @anonymous 3:33pm. Did you or do you live in England because I did with my parents for many years before migrating to America. You are the problem if you see nothing wrong with the abject rape and pillage of our natural resources. The slavery and subjugation of our forefathers. The brutality of back breaking work from sun up to sun down cutting and loading sugar cane in the brutal sun. The beatings the raping of our women. The castration of our men. The selling of family members and children. Horrors you will never live to imagine. And we don’t deserve reparation. You kidding me. People fight and dead fi dem freedom, blood soak Jamaican soil, and we fi just seh oh well that was then, this is now. 5 million Jews dead, and them never suffer the over 300 years of slavery, and they got reparation. The Japanese same thing. So we don’t deserve to be given back even 1 1/16 of what was stolen both, physically, emotionally and financially. Huh people like you vote fi Trump.

  7. Me cant even too vex coz me did live there and too many of them dont use the opportunity to look a job & help themselves. All kinda work was there & the man dem a sell drugs pon corner like a sweety. The pakistani them is big heroin sellers but them not so open wid it. girl dem teef like pus and the gun business is a next story

    Sorry sey so much a dem come back here fi hot up the place.

  8. It’s extremely hard to work in the UK without papers and extremely difficult to sort out yourself even when you have money.
    Very few Jamaicans sell drugs.If you know a lot that do ,maybe you need to change the demography that you interact with.
    I live in the UK for quite some time now. It took me over a decade to sort myself out. My children were even refused their right to citizenship. Lawyers were useless against this system and only help came when I was lead to the right MP when my child had awards they want to be proud of.
    Some of you talking about people had an easy life in the UK. Stop judging others.I have never gotten into trouble and I have raise a quite normal family. I am the typical Jamaican in the UK.

  9. Some of the deportees have valid grievances; however, the majority of these deportees are common criminals who were misguided in the rational that they used to justify their criminal lifestyles.

  10. Not all those who were deported from the UK were criminals. Some of them live there all their lives, had trouble sorting out their papers, some who have married Brit born and papers still hadn’t been sort out, some build their homes and have brit born children, some who have work over there, some who served in their damn armies as well were sent back, some who was acquitted of crimes and let go but detained to be but on the planes were sent back… UK was wrong for what they did, you think that the government of California can round up a bunch of Mexicans and send them back to Mexico, no why because there’s laws and programs out here that help illegal people, it will be very hard for the government to do that and you think Trump if he wins will be able to round of people and send them back home like UK did not I do not think so… It’s crazy how there is no programs set up like they have in the US to protect illegal immigrants of the one’s I’ve mentioned above… I hope Trump doesn’t win because some of my family members are trying to sort themselves out and I do not want them to loose their chances because of Trumps, they have better chance with Hilary and she’s no good but at least she’s not talking about sending people home… UK took it upon themselves to exercise what Trump is wanting to do if he becomes president… VOTE everyone must VOTE

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