KINGSTON, Jamaica — After 135 years of service to Jamaican children, the Roman Catholic Sisters of Mercy have decided to close the Alpha Boys’ Home at South Camp Road in Kingston.

The announcement was made by Minister of Youth and Culture Lisa Hanna at her ministry in Kingston Tuesday morning.

She said that the Government has been assessing the status of the 120 boys now housed at the facility to determine how many are suitable to be returned to their parents or be housed in other child care facilities.

The Alpha Boys’ Home educational and music programme will however continue, Hanna said.


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  2. 120 boys. I wonder how many of those boys do have parent (s) or a home to go to? More youths on the streets followed by more crimes.

  3. And this is there solution to save money…wah dem tink a go happen wid di crime rate? Public sector wages to be cut…does that include politicians?

  4. Is it me or this lady like her whole party is just a set a waste ppl, what have they done for Jamaica’s economy and Jamaica’s vulnerable kmt. What success them have to ask for ppl trust when election time come round next time?? Social media cartoon dem cho man them too bad

    1. It is such a shame alpha boys home put so many jamaican male celebrities out there and no one can help to keep it open?

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