KINGSTON, Jamaica — Four policemen implicated in the unlawful killing of civilians in Clarendon were Tuesday morning remanded in custody when they appeared in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court.

Sergeant Leeford Gordon and Constables Pete Samuels, Damon Robinson and Romaine Delahaye were remanded until Thursday, after their attorneys requested disclosure of the statements before making a bail application.

Samuels is accused of killing a man named ‘Gallimore’ while the others are accused of killing Marvin Shand on new Longsville Road in Clarendon on January 4. It was reported that the deceased was ambushed and killed by the cops.

A picture of the dead man, which was emailed to another policeman, was reportedly found in Delahaye’s cell phone.

Tanesha Mundle


  1. Dem need fi lock up dem Bloodclot!!! Tired of hearing police playing god and taking man life. God give life & take life NOT man!

    1. dem shudda have hanging in place and mek all four a dem go meet di rope dem nuh respect people nor the force

  2. The great Police/Gunman “Chucky Brown” a squeal names….Mandeville ppl did know him time did a come, dem just did a wait him out.

    1. Chucky Brown have di man dem (police) a run weh leff dem jobs, especially di one weh go kill di youth before him go get married, kill di other yute round a georges valley because him did ago win di case…time is the master!!

  3. They should be prosecuted with the same fervor that was used to prosecute Mr. Palmer–the newly desired standard. Hopefully, the adjudication will correctly determine their innocence or guilt…

  4. We’ll begin a definite transformation of the judicial system when they are convicted and sentenced accordingly. Hopefully, the investigating team will not see it necessary to disappear evidence in an attempt to save their colleagues. It’s one thing to deal with gunmen, but having to deal with murderers on the police force is something no one in Jamaica should tolerate. Let the jury render judgement.

  5. From what I have read elsewhere, all those killed by the Police was known killers themselves. We definitely need death squads within the Police force. Too many murderers are walking around as free men. More power to the death squads. Find the criminals and kill them on the spot.

    Why should these murderers kill innocent Jamaicans with impunity, acting as their own judge and jury and get away with it 9 out of 10 times? The police need to identify all badman and kill them, no question ask. Hug that up people!

    1. the arguments of a damn fool…its a known fact that death squad policeman invariably take it upon themselves to decide who is a gunman or criminal that should be eliminated…sometimes for simple personal disputes between them..that mean if the police and another man f**king de same girl him can kill him..because once yuh give anyman the power to start killing wantonly guess wah ? him ago just end up just like the people yuh want him kill..because power hug up dat ole idiot

  6. Good for them! Did it strick anyone that the officer had a picture of the dead man in his phone?!!!? How arrogant and God like is that? Them a play God but God a show dem who run things. Ok.

  7. I’ve read this post and I’m reading everyone’s input, so I’m going to add mines, these might be badmen but they are someone’s family just like the people they kill as well, two wrongs don’t make a right… Capture them and let the justice deal with them but the police doesn’t have the right to say who lives and dies, they have also killed innocent people as well trying to kill the badman, their jobs are to bring in the criminals to justice not go seek and hunt dem down like animals. Sometimes I think these police take the badge to damn serious like since they have it they can do what they want and they can’t be touch… Sometimes I wonder what world we are living in things like this and others happen and all

    1. So the criminals have the ultimate “right to say who lives and dies”? Don’t you see how silly your argument is. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. I’m shocked at you people foolish reasoning abilities. The police should be free to hunt down the thugs and eliminate them on the spot, since they show no mercy when there kill women, children and innocent Jamaicans. So happens that most of those being killed are in the ghetto communities.

        1. This is y it so hard for ppl to give evidence, if 4 are known killers, how much more are unknown?

  8. Ananymos 7:20, I hope they kill your own innocent brother r sister or close friend, then put it in a statistics a 9 out a ten time. Damn FOOL!!!

  9. These cops were charged for killing “Clarendon’s most wanted man” he was wanted for killing and raping both women and children, he was wanted for kidnapping as well…………….nuff said

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