Alton Sterling’s son, Cameron Sterling crying at his funeral. Sterling was killed last week by police while he was selling his DVD’s



  1. So sad, may God bless you, son. In some ways you are blessed to have a dad who loved you so much even though it was only for 15 years of your life, some people go through life never experiencing paternal love for one day. Mourn his death, but celebrate and treasure each moment of your life he spent with you. loving, nurturing and guiding you. Life you life in celebration of him.

  2. Sigh… I pray he stays on the straight and narrow path. That this traumatic incident does not stunt his potential for greatness. I pray he is able to overcome adversity and be succesful in academia and his future career goals.

  3. God bless and keep this young man as he journeys through life. Cover him in the Blood of Jesus and let no evil befall him. Bless his hands, let him see the fruits of his labor. Bless his eyes, let him look to You in times of trouble. Bless his feet, let him not walk with bad company. Bless his tongue, let him speak good and not evil. Bless his heart, let it not be troubled. Bless his mind, keep it sound and free from perplexity. Give him joy in the morning for his period of mourning. Bless him Father, bless his going out and coming in. Let his light shine bright during moments of darkness. O’ God of Abraham, we trust that You are going to do remarkable things in the life of this precious child of Yours. In Jesus name, we unify our faith knowing our prayers for long life and prosperity for this young man will be answered, AMEN.

    **** His cry is the cry of little Black across the globe ****

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