1. Kmt cho tiyad of Marvin The Beast now!!!!
    He aint even worthy of being on Pink Wall
    In other breaking new talk about the young man who police shot in Tivoli Gardens

  2. No the hottest part was when the video come up an Rihanna song sex with me come on I said but Lawd dis gon far. The wife nu even sweep out good and all these things a gwan. I just hope this young women understands you lost them how you get them sooooo.

  3. Funny ting is watch the change now further down di line… the excitement is out of it now di want and need for him or for her, cause the wife is out so no sneaking is involved which I’m sure made di sex nice…. I’m a true believer of the way you got him is the way you will lose him I seen it too many times. Plus you will fail sir beast! if you hurt your wife that helped you sir then you shall have (KARMA!) that word is very real and if your wife is the good person in this. Then by all means this will not last.

  4. They deserve each other…full time the wife stop take disrespect, I hope she finds self love, true love and happiness and stay tuned for the demise of this relationship cause @dhq nickeisha how you win dem a how you lose them, get some morals and have some damn standards

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