It is hard to ascertain when Eve happened on the Jamaican scene but word is she started in California with rich Jamaican drug dealers . She kept her trail smooth and clean but wasn’t selective, the d*ck only has to be stamped Jamaican.
Her first taste was of Mr Trevor Rankin who was married at the time. Jamaican men are like recreational drug to Eve and after Trevor she moved on to Mr Junior One Blood Reid. Her relationships with these men were not exclusive and they were told to keep it a secret so no one knows for sure when they started or ended.But they did exist .
In 2009/2010 She was dating the then Kidd Kurrupt and it was one of the best kept secret in Jamaica because media houses were warned not to publish anything about them.
Here is where the juice is at…………..
Eve was in Jamaica last year and rang in the New Year alone..When she was spotted great minds wondered why she was on the party scene .. Then we heard a song with Ms. Kitty on it but …………sources reported that she was scouting and hit on a young man who was trying to break into the music scene..The problem was that this young got married shortly before and was on his way to the U.S. He did not want to upset his new wife who had given him access to America.Sources saY that he claimed not to have given in to her advances.(But he finally left Jamaica after Eve left so…….) >>Hint the young man was interviewed right here on JMG…and has a song ”Bottle Party”<< ***Whenever unno si dem pan Jamaican soil..a man is in di shadows*** eve-rapper-Optimized


  1. kmft da same junior Reid weh use tuh stalk off me sister phone n she neva pay him no mine met u right fi seh as long da cocky stamp Jamaican eve too damn regular

  2. Okkkkkay… dats why she was there, was wondering about dat if a studio time she a put in like Snoop and Gwen.Dem seh di atmosphere good fi work inna..Junior Reid? the father?

  3. Well shi a di smartest outta di hip hop ooman dem, at least shi tun her life around and step up eena di deep rich life now wid har proppa husband. To think where she coming from wid di ghetto mindset and livity, she actually done well fi harself in di end. As dem seh, ooman luck deh a dungle heap.

  4. :cd Eve? Eve? Junior Reid though :cd
    Good Mawning Ms Met (inna mi Sky Juice voice).
    Mi know yuh must have something on Ms Alecia Keys :kr :kr . calling Mr Baby Cham (can yuh hear mi) woieeee Friday nice :cendol

  5. One thing mi hear bout Eve.. Dem say har body odor can raise any dead man.. Dem say di pums smell like it a rotten! Look like she tek care ah da prob deh cah si shi snag a billionaire ..

  6. Met dem say she was supplementing her income on the European circle for a minute. That’s how she’s been surviving without really working (music/tv). So mi nuh know why Rich European or any man fi dat matter woulda pay fi rotten meat..

    1. ______________________________ MNL
      So dis selling a nuh nothing new? Yuh know mi did a wonder bout that race whey she go it look like she put on her peacock attire/performance and ketch di man

  7. @ Met.. Yup dats why although she nuh do work too tuff yuh nuh hear nothing bout har being broke an suffering..

  8. Hey shi did a sell b4 shi tun rappa suh wen di hits naa hit a gen shi prolly jus went back to……dwrcl

  9. no met, me not agreeing wid you bout the ras dem love strong scent. the Rastafarian weh me know, live clean and are clean. Unless you are referring to the restitutes whe need to have dem hair trim.

  10. no met, meh nuh know capelton personally nor anything about what him stand for though, when him was a bald head meh ded tink seh the face neva too bad to look at. Suh Met, Capelton a move like a RASTITUTE?

  11. But Eve did deh wid an African Prince one time and dem sey she and him use to fight ova the coke….allegedly. But mi nah lie, Eve (yuh is mi gal) use to look way way betta back inna her early days of rapping. To me looks wise shi drop off. But hey shi married rich so I guess it is more than looks. But if her pumpum really stink then shi married the right man causen sey some a the rich man dem like nasty smell and tings.

  12. Met yuh is a very nice and decent woman because this yah gyal yah list a man cyaan done write. Eve ketch di married man(her now husband) when she first land a hengland a promote puma sneakers. She ketch him wid har long tongue and har whorish tendencies cause at the time the man was married wid children. The woman say she nah let go cause a dem do the Gumball ting togedda but them find a way or Eve mussy put the threesome dem inna the contract. Anyways dat a histriee and we are here now eh. lololol

  13. Him coulda be ah zillionaire him look like him need fi bade baaaaaaaadddddddd # husband….. At least di Reid look kinda cleanish

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