‘Only divine intervention can stop Kartel’s trial on October 27’…SAYS DI OBSERVER

CONVICTED entertainer Adidja ‘Vybz Kartel’ Palmer and his co-accused Vanessa ‘Gaza Slim’ Saddler are scheduled to go on trial on October 27 for allegedly attempting to pervert the course of justice.
Presiding Magistrate Simone Wolf-Reece, in fixing the trial date yesterday in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court, said that only ‘divine intervention’ could prevent the trial from commencing.
The attempting to pervert the course of justice trial involving the two entertainers and their co-accused Andre Henry, alias ‘Pim Pim’, was initially scheduled to start on Monday but was unable to start because of late disclosure; unsettled legal representation for Henry; the absence of a defence attorney and also the unavailability of witnesses.
Hence, the matter was scheduled yesterday for the outstanding issues to be settled. But when the case was mentioned, the prosecutor informed the magistrate that the Crown was unable to ascertain when one of the technical witnesses from telecommunications provider Digicel would be available as he was currently on vacation.
The prosecutor also reported that another technical witness from Digicel, who was expected to testify, would not be able to do so as he was no longer employed to the company and that the Crown would require a new statement from the person who has replaced him.
In addition, attorney Peter Champagnie who was representing Henry told the court that he was no longer representing the accused as Henry was unable to fulfil his financial obligations.
Consequently, a new mention date was scheduled for August 29 for the prosecution to submit the new statement and to inform the court when the Digicel witness would be available.
The magistrate, who again expressed her frustration with the continuous delay, told the Crown and the defence that she was willing to mention the case every single day in order to have the trial begin. She then warned the prosecution to make certain that they get the statement and contact the witnesses.
“You ensure that you do what you have to do cause no matter what, the only thing that can prevent the case from starting is if the Lord says so,” she said.
She then instructed Henry to ensure that he gets a lawyer by October, as the matter would be proceeding whether he has one or not.
Henry and Saddler then had their bail extended, while Vybz Kartel, who is serving time for murder, was taken back to prison.
The three accused were charged after Saddler allegedly filed a police report stating that she was robbed at gunpoint by a man she identified as Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams. The alleged incident happened after Vybz Kartel was charged with Williams’ murder and for which he is now serving time.
Investigators alleged that Saddler made the report to give the impression that Williams was not dead, in an attempt to assist Vybz Kartel’s case.

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  1. not a body memba him …hiim a look roun a hope fi get a pic….jus wah day di ppl dem outta dow a gwaan wid a bag tings…now dem a wonda a who dat

  2. Wrerl Boss, yuh jawbone nuh look suh sharp like onetime….but di evil still ah pour outta yuh yeye dem. Either di prison grub ‘gree wid yuh, or yuh hab ah personal chef een deh ah prepare di choice meals. Yuh mus be giving up ah lot in return….

  3. Anonymous I saw your comment and wont approve but that not possible . He has more than one case before the court even if he is granted the appeal he would have to win this case and prove that the guy is alive . Police also have more evidence on file and they were no real discrepancies in the case only tactics used by the lawyer to make it seem so. The fact that the judge threw the book at him twice proves this

      1. Met all those cases ah because him did too full ah himself and believe in his fame n likkle pocket change that he could buy and intimidate and bad man up his way out of a prosecution….delusional an wicked fool.

  4. Pim Pim caan pay lawyer bill??!?!! Fartel stop mind onoo
    Judge Wolfe, u serious like u Faada, u well trained

  5. Pim Pim?!!!!??……DWRCLLLLLL.
    Di money dun to raas!! Champagne fled di scene. Him know seh it cost nuff money fi mek evidence disappear an wikniss fi no show. Pim Pim ah hope yu bam bam ready fi GP!! See Whirl boss a roun up deh, nuff protein shake di boss a konsume….lolol.

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