Inga ‘Foxy Brown’ DeCarlo
“I just like powerful dudes, even if he was just the dude on the block, but he just had that respect. That’s why my longest relationship with Spragga [Benz], my first true, true, true love, he’s a militant dude… He just stands for something.”
Her most famous relationship to Americans would be her very strange relationship with JayZ, but most Jamaicans remember Foxy Brown in terms of her very public relationship with one of Dancehall’s most talented; Spragga Benz.
Foxy happened on the Jamaican scene in early 2000 and as she said, she is enchanted by power so she went right to the top. Her first conquest was a one night stand with larger than life Shabba Ranks. Shabba was already involved and not looking to settle down , Foxy wasn’t looking to settle down either. That one night in Trinidad at his show was enough, both moved on and tried to keep their quickie a secret.
Inga was said to be a sweet and kind person at heart but clearly troubled. Most Jamaican men thrive off weakness and as confident as Inga appeared to be on the outside, she was a mess on the inside. Her family knew this and would call her often to warn her and tell her of any nightmares they had involving her order to steer her out of danger.
From Shabba, Foxy moved on to another Dancehall great, Mr. Vegas. The Dancehall artiste was said to be enchanted by Rapper’s kindness and caring ways. Word on the street was that Bounty killer took the Rapper away from Mr. Vegas but it was Foxy’s alleged promiscuity that caused the relationship to end. Sources say that Baby Cham, had caught the Rapper’s attention and after having sex with him she returned to Mr. Vegas whom she had a semi-relationship with at the time. It is alleged that Mr.Vegas found out that she slept with Baby Cham shortly before him and ended the relationship.
For years it was puzzling to many where the sudden tension back then between Bounty Killer and Baby Cham came from. With the information ascertained it can be concluded that tensions arose between the two because of Foxy Brown. Bounty Killer was allegedly next on the list and was said to have taken over Foxy from Baby Cham,based on his much more advanced inches . That involvement was also short lived.
Brown was said to have also had a short trist with Anthony Cruz and move on to Kurrupt.
Some of the deepest emotional scars Foxy was said to have inherited were from her relationship with the then Kurrupt. As his name suggested, it would seem as if his ” game” included activities that were indeed corrupt. Allegations of drug use by the artiste was said to have caused serious injuries to Brown; physically and emotionally. Foxy’s family was said to have called her about dreams they were having about her teeth falling out and waking up to see her pictures falling off their walls. This worried, but did not stop her. It was during her recovery from this relationship that sent her into the arms of her admitted longest relationship and only love, Spragga Benz.
Spragga was talented, intelligent a great lyricist and handsome. He is to date, the only Jamaican artiste that still holds the respect of his fans and was said to be the only man accepted Foxy for who she was.Both appeared to be in-love and inseparable and later engaged but didn’t marry. During the relations rumors swirled that Spragga was still involved with the mother of his children. She was still having children for the Dancehall artiste while he was supposedly engaged to Brown.It took him a while to find out about Foxy’s other involvements but when he did find out, he was uneasy about it.Allegedly, he was told by some that she was promiscuous. The relationship continued and even after the engagement was called off the two have remained close friends. Foxy has never been publicly involved with any man since.
Yours Truly,
Met pan di case…Eve next week
****Content roaches, rats and lice yuh see if unno a nuh Gleaner, Star or Observer..Low up mi tings. Low dem rite up yah because dem I sure tek from on a daily basis and unno determine same way doe?****
It was rumored that after Sean Paul became well known Foxy took her game to him but her brazen attitude threw him off. He was said to have told her that he and one of the men she was with before and him were friends.


      1. Mi sayyyyy n it prove mi point bout Jcan men even more cause she a farrina n very well could be spending dem wife har up meck it was a round di way yawd girl u think dem woulda own har up so??? Smh Foxy u badda than bad it self mi dear

      2. MET, mi come from Dunkirk and one time when foxy an Spragga deh, she come a kirk. All the gal dem run go dung deh go look pon har cuz she a fareeen celebrity. Wen we go dung deh she have on a likkle shorts and a dutty Timbs. The gal dem kiss dem teeth and seh she nuh hawt. Mi did see har a Spragga son funeral too. Spragga will tek anybody, but im nah lef Portie, im baby mother from Port Royal. MET mi can gi u spragga mixup.

  1. everyone in da industry sleep in circles so not surprise with her long rap sheet n why bounty name halfto always a call up no man him muss have a clone man body busy sah

    1. Silencio por favor!!! She ain’t doing nothing that many other Women don’t do, Jamaican, Trinidadian, Latin……it’s just that her ting was with one concentrated group!

  2. Oh wow who would have thunk it lol. I mean i never knew Foxy ran through so much of the dancehall disporia waiting on Eve cause I never even knew she had Jamaican dancehall in her life

          1. Lmaoooo now I’m very anxious to see a when Eve ketch a JA fi have all list but jesam

        1. when mi see eve married and bout ina 4 year relationship i was like ”wasn’t she in jamaica for new years without this man”

  3. Spragga did not leave Foxy because of her passed lovers, He left because He found out she had herpes, This story of spragga and foxy back then was one of the biggest dancehall in the media relationship, Thier relationship and what took place in and out was all over social media. There was this one Jamaican website, I can’t remember which one BOTH of them came on it and done each other, Spragga told Inga to leave him alone because him not leaving His baby mother, Then Foxy went on Hot 97 at the time in NY and proclaim her love for him and that it was hard for her to get over him. It really funny cause Spragga did mash up Inga head real bad, what happen to Foxy was just Karma, I remember seeing spragga Baby mother mawga down and look mash up when Him and Foxy was all over flossing, Karma is something you dont play with.

    1. Mi neva put say dem lef because of past lovers because I neva know why dem lef but I included that for a reason because he did do a few drops with that I just cant put the details.

      1. :peluk Hello, Good Morning Lady…hehehe. Never meant for it to come off that way about why they broke up. Spragga wanted to be in the american spotlight as well, even though back then His dancehall followers loved him around the US. For some? they said He used It funny how after Him and Inga thing, He went back to His babymother and turn rasta who knows? maybe him did ketch the herpes as well cause Him calm right down.

        1. morning lady :peluk but him lef di baby madda yah now eno and a dat mi go fi se..if foxy had it den him mus did have it but him neva calm…spragga maybe wanted the money from the spotlight but he doesn’t like the attention from stardom so maybe all a man whey like fi deh places and be treated normal ..but when mi done di rappers mi a go do di baby madda dem story because dat is another ting fi talk bout

    2. No Spragga lef cause she a try tie him wid har belly she eventually dash whey cause him have him babymodda a yaad. Mi believe kurrupt give har something cause him send my girlfriend inna hospital wid not one not two but three gunshot one time. him nasty bad.

          1. u aint never lie____________________________________________________________________________ from she lef spragga har belly high and neva guh dung back hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy it is ere

          1. kill him try kill the girl pus-c wan more shat nd dey wud av pronounce it dead…sass

  4. bounty need fi stop carry pus*y feelings now man shit him a act like nuh man nuhffi fu*K A gal weh him did deh wid lol lol seem like a true weh mi hear seh him ting soft like sponge :ngakak

      1. mi did waan fi write bout foxy but de ending erase everything outta mi head,a chue doah man dem suck out,drain,milk out nd tics out yuh content fi real

  5. Quennnaaaaaaaaaa???? Please let me understand if you telling me shut up?? Hi mi say shi love fuxxx yuh mad or nahhhhhhh? You love fux to or nah?? Dat was rhetorical Don’t answer dat me already know.

  6. I wonder if she has a history of childhood sexual abuse which led to the promiscuity. Wasn’t there rumours that Jay-Z was dealing with her from she was 15? Anyways, I really hope she get a deliverance from whatever is on her, cause sometimes we see a person acting a way and only God knows the truth. I have always felt that deep down she was a good person and that’s why wid all her shenanigans I always liked her. Foxy, your deliverance is coming, in Jesus name, Amen.

    1. Amen the family should have prayed and fasted for her fi di least 3 weeks..u know she deny jay ina di jamaican circle so a doe know fi sure but it would make sense all wid di herpes ting because there was talk of std from him to her

      1. It been rumored J Z is among di celebs pon di herpes patrol, tht list is long, everybody a ping=pong it round to each odda n new groupies

  7. Metttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!! Good morningggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!! Simplyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! Chuet!!!!!!! Metters nuh seh a word!!!!

  8. Foxy Brown is relevant yes but she is more current to the genre the rapper Yo Yo from the West coast and even Queen Latifah was well into the Jamaican dance hall scene, because as many of you know without dance hall, hip hop would never be. Many early female rappers can be linked back to Jamaica. Oh slightly off subject I was forced to watch Iggy Azealea dis mawning on nbc di gal lack of talent mek mi bringle she not even fake it like an orgasm.

  9. Morning Met, fi years mi wonda why Cham and Bounty neva close until the Duddus saga sumady seh Bounty do the show and neva tell Cham and dem beat up Cham a car wash fi neva do Dudus yearly show on year.Mi memba wen Foxy and Kurrupt woman from (Blaque group) weh dead 2 yrs back in car accident was going at it all the time dat mi memba…but Vegas? figet dat,Anthony Cruz? frig dat CHAM?…..f**k dat SHABBA? Bloodceed Bounty?..nuh wonda Benz wasnt leaving weh she name (babymodda) figet har name ya now the way how mi in shock.Met watermark u tings mek dem nuh teef it…And we deh ya a seh Rhi Rhi a skettel…Foxy a di real sketts.Mek mi read tha 4 comment now..soon surface, wat a juicy tory

    1. part 2 is eve mi nah call no name but one name gwine shock unno mek unno see say is all about buddy fi dem..di next week a go be trina she

  10. Quena mi Nuh need no stragglers, do dat else where. And yes it cut inna two half fi JA and half fi America. Does this sound familiar to you? Anyone in particular that shares the same? Go chue it too early.

  11. Met yawh go hawd…. Cham, killa and gaygas shock me mi nawh lie. Foxy Nuh Ez at alll. Mi cawh wait fi know is who eve hook up wid mi only know bout Stevie jay and mi groom yah now, Eve look like she do har ting discrete.

  12. Met u story have mi a move so damn slow inna di morning like mi cannot move nuh faster.Trina probably gave the cookies to Vegas,Cham,Bolt and movado.Reason being they all reside in Florida.Met mi get all right, don’t it..Lol

    1. nooooooooooooooooooooooooo mi seh trina carry it go gi onea di smallest buddy ina di business …lets wait for dat because mi know fi sure she cudda neva had a good experience :nohope:

  13. Good morning errbady. Let me guess Trina gi it Aidonia? *Disclaimer, I never slept with him, ah so mi read oh*

    1. of course him touch it..dats was one a de biggest tawk up a stand pipe ..dem did all a sey it haffi duh wid Sean Paul even a cut from round him

      1. not dat kurrupt di farrin one …mi figet fi add one more ting to foxy lemme put it now ……….foxy really loose hold

  14. Foxxy claim to have never slept with jigga man but is lie. him did a try wid har but choo har front neva have no principle memba The Firm with Nas and AZ, well a desso har cratchiz did reach so him drop har like a bad habit.

  15. Mi notice wid the female rapper dem as soon as dem start tek yadd hood dem get wi accent and include it inna dem lyrics. Nicki a you mi a pree lol

    1. i would love to know more about Nicki man/husband Safaree. says hes from Jamaica so somebody must know him file / family etc

  16. Greetings Metsy boo and all Metters :peluk
    I just can’t fathom Foxy takin on all a dem deh entertainer. She did love Spragga bad that i remember. Foxy chat patwa so damn hard I’d almost forget she’s a Trini. I don’t remember hearing she (willingly) dash wey ar belly but that she either had a miscarriage or a tubal pregnancy so she had to abort.
    Eve used to f*ck Rooster. I look forward to that one.

    1. brightieeeeeeeeeeeee u deh bout ? :kiss
      eve move silent and deadly and look di man dem is not dem look she :hammer

  17. Simp hey lady :peluk I know I know I barely be online as it is. Missed u guys tho.
    @Met weh yuh a sey bout Eve? She naaaaaaah look di man deeeeem!!!!?? No sah :matabelo

    1. Is not Met can answa the ting wid Eve, yuh haffi draw fi Missy and Trina a dem say threesome straight. _______________________________________

      1. yuh know mi did a wonda if missy she naam out Mo to…mary j blidge she miss it a chue KC him use to beat de shit outta har fi even sneeze

        1. Missy did want a bag a money fi put out one song whey she did do wid a next jamaican artiste and spice was lucky fi do a song wid missy im wondering if spice pay dat fee or something else gwaan? :hammer

  18. Spragga Benz f**k did sweet (in him prime days that is)…anywhoo…Spragga did have right fe tun rasta fe change him violent behavior. Ah ting him baby name Keisha, ah could be wrong, but word pon de street seh she was him beating stick and she did fool-fool anyway. Foxy was suppose to be a come up fe Spragga, but har pussy mileage file get dash out too quick and she get cut. But ah true spragga neva so call shame of her why she did ah hype. But as soon as plenty buddy start call pon fe har punny str888 cuttings fe har.

    1. weh yuh seh yuh jus a memba him inna de prime suh yuh did haffi get dat awf yuh chest b4 yuh type de rest :ngakak

      1. there is a groupy tales section here and spragga nuh ina dat section..and a try a unno run out one time……..unno good oo :nerd

        1. I used to have a crush on him but neva met him. i neva like to see him with Miss ill na na (sick pum pum).

  19. If MiNuhCare live a England now mi know who u b, Lol….u neva ramp fi left school early fi guh uppa di studio

  20. Eve sleep with all regular drug dealers.She use to sex couple from L.A and come to the hole in the wall reggae clubs like all Shatto back in the days.

  21. Hey Anon @ 1:58pm mi nuh tink yuh shoulda try figure out who minuhcare is enuh. Memba entertainer dem buddy very busy. My fren used to sleep wid him too. Said him did give har some hot grin…….cramp up har belly bottom.

  22. A dah tory ya sweet, an mi jus a reach cho but please to memba Foxy are on social media and likely to be peeping…di last pic mi see she post pon insta 30 weeks ago of she an spragga di caption say “Di face yuh give a dutty gyal tryna dance too close to u man lol” and di tag say #teamFOXTeamSPRAGGAFiLife!
    The most interesting comment on the pic was smaddy say him baby mama just got locked up and she’s a bum bit&$

  23. Spragga babymother name is kiesha she come from port royal,and eve f**k off nuff a di south man dem and di port royal man dem when she use to dance a di strip club a L.A. fact

  24. @ Ms Met suh a Foxy give Bounty the herpes whey him ‘allegedly’ have? Foxy yuh pum pum longer dan Jamaica highway dem put together 100 times. Mi gal Eve sey it aint soooooooooo. Eve duh her thing like a snake
    Spragga Spragga :peluk Spragga Spragga (inna mi fuxk mi voice)

  25. Suh who a ride the ras Spragga ya now? Stick whollle heap of pins wah happen to Don Yute? One chick was with him and the other friend was with Spragga…I know at one point them was close frens weh par together and share gyals togedda

  26. me shock Sean Paul like browning cuz las I check high color man always craving black girls first me hear this anyways back to foxy me feel sorry fi har still poor thing sumthin must happen to she in her childhood anybody have har IG run it me wah guh fass

  27. Met have mi a buss up some dancing wid the Foxy and Baby Cham tune pon youtube..wat a day wen the tables would turn, wat a day wen the tables would turn..Fiyahh!!!

  28. Foxy Brown is no different from the groupies and other women who sleep with these wutless so called artists that supposedly have their woman at home. So what’s the big deal? If she picked up anything it’s more than like she got it from one of those same wutless niggers that all those bitches be sleeping with. Sender nobody gives a shit about the American rapper sleeping with the wutless jamaican artist. If he was that great he would be sticking to his baby mother and not f**king around. Besides Foxy and sprang a is over a long time ago. So who cares.

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