Go NY fi a likkle bit and come back thinking everything okay. When mi look $700 tried to go through on my credit card but got declined. Reason being I had decreased the limit after shopping. Good thing mi follow mi mind an do it because that’s why the purchase got declined. Called MasterCard and dem tell mi someone copied my card number and attempted to use it at Toys R Us in Bronx. These ppl wicked and need fi look gainful employment. You’re hurting innocent people!!
So post in case the scammer a read yuh site because mi deh home a laugh at how dem haffi lef everyting same place. I can only imagine what other victims who weren’t as lucky have to go through.
Stop tief people credit card and ruin dem credit. Go look work or live within your means!!!!


  1. Sender, so sorry you had to go thru that; you should report them to the authorities, teach dem ah lesson they’ll never forget

      1. Met, you need a big cuff eena u neck back enuh. U nuh know dem a buy up dem tings fi sell fiddi Chrismuss shopping season. A dem seh munts in advance.

        1. no man a back to school and dem done se dem a go collect half dere and buy dis and dat….krismus dem a go sort out next month oo :ngakak

  2. I tell you mi supposed to go new yor fi labor day and i dont even want the credit card inna the state straight cash mi a travel wid smh

  3. more while a de smae pus-c dem weh yuh hand yuh card to run yuh info and pon day a milk yuh tings….dem fe start give dem sum real time fi duh from 3yrs up it get way outta hand nung

    1. Den a who else, Mums. Is di store clerks and dem confederate working togedda fi get your ting, sometimes all di store owners too depending how low rent di place is. Also, if you have a pin chip card you must shield the number pad when you imputing u pin.

      1. dem too red yeye,teef nd wicked ..if mi swipe my card wan time nd yuh tell me phuckery bout do it agen yuh swipe it too quick a cash a cum up enuh cuz mi nuh inna it wid dem,more time yuh swipe nd yah a wonder a weh dem a read suh b4 dem click the damn ok pon fi dem end a doah like it

  4. “U decrease the limit after shopping”….sender please!…..just talk say a $500 a I limit cause your credit is poor or building!

      1. :cd even if the sh*T was a hundred dollars……they tried it!!!
        There way of thinking Baffles me, always looking to downgrade the victim and take the shine off th villain!

        1. for absolutely no reason…uncalled for sometimes i think a some negative energy juk dem because it doe normal :nohope

        2. Damn Quena!! Why yuh suh hard ears?? I said the correct term is “their” and not “there”…sheesh!!! :cd

          1. But she turble doe eeh Simply?!.. Coo much times mi correct ar and she still come back wid di sed incorrect grammar…and Simply, please to do the speed limit and try yuh best nuh run ova nuhbody

  5. They max out my card within 15 minutes. The card had a zero balance and was going to Jamaica for a visit. Got to Jamaica and went to rent a car and the card was declined by the car rental company. I told them that it was impossible, since the card had no balance and a credit limit of $10K. Had to use another card which did not have auto insurance coverage. Got to the Hotel and call the credit card company, only to be told that the card had reached its maximum limit and all the charges were made within a 15-minute time frame. The charges were made from a location I have never been to. They eventually cancelled the card and removed the charges after a lengthy investigation.

  6. $M Fraud BUSTED at Dream Weekend – 51 detained after suspicious credit-card activities
    Police from the Area One Fraud Squad have launched an investigation into cases of attempted credit-card fraud amounting to millions of dollars that were discovered by the promoters of the just concluded Smirnoff Dream Weekend.
    Scammers reportedly obtained an estimated 30 credit cards which were used to buy Smirnoff Dream Weekend season tickets valued at millions of dollars. The case was referred to detectives from the department, who immediately initiated investigations to determine who exactly is behind the scam and where they obtained the credit cards that were used in the attempted fraud that was discovered on July 30, a day before the week-long series of parties kicked off in Negril. Detectives are said to be collating notes from the investigation that was launched on several fronts during the course of the weekend.
    unwitting victims
    As the investigations gathered momentum, more than 50 persons were initially detained, the majority of which were released after it was discovered that they were unwitting victims of the fraud.
    Apparently, they had purchased tickets from the scammers unaware that they were illegally obtained. However, a number of others were detained after it was alleged that they were either directly involved in the fraud or had information that can assist the police in its investigations. The Area One Fraud Squad would not disclose any information except to say the matter was under investigation and that charges would be brought against the perpetrators.
    Information reaching the WEEKEND STAR was that the ticketing company and the National Commercial Bank Fraud Department discovered the fraud on July 30. The fraud was detected, sources said, after irregular card activities and the promoters were notified.
    According to Kamal Bankay, public relations director for Dream Entertainment, promoters of the Smirnoff Dream Weekend, once the fraudulent activity was identified, promoters were able to demarcate the serial numbers of the specific tickets that were fraudulently purchased and those tickets were flagged unredeemable.

  7. The scammers dem on the prowl now causen sey it is back to school next month. And like Ms Met said next month dem gwine start fi christmas. The government a guh too easy on dem. It should be automatic 5 years and more if dem have priors. Dem wicked man. It is like breaking into someone’s home and stealing their stuff. It worse when it’s people debit card info dem tiefT, causen sey is money directly from the victim’s bank account. Yuh can imagine someone guh food shopping and dem debit card decline causen sey some wutless drancrow dem max out dem money. 5 years automatic time mi sey :marah

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