11 thoughts on “AND DI GIRDLE WELL A SHOW ENO -_-

  1. Good morning Met,
    There’s some people (she’s one) who should just me left alone….
    This is just how this girl looks, for years

  2. She too nuff every min she a call up Ava name low her she is sick she don’t want a relationship with her son and his family why it a brother you. you better thank God Ava sick and the man them from 90s not around cause dog widda eat u food

  3. This is Michelle Dutty crosses people I don’t even remember unno come off of my name if I want to fix my belly I have my money jimmy well love it come lick out my batty some of unno don’t even own or have a man must less a apartment or house to put yourself in nuff of unno nip n tuck n no man nah walk with you outa door only behind closed door them touch unno nastiness I don’t have to buy my man or thief outta store n mine man I work for my own I’m not that girl n to the Dutty whoring gyal who send this in go kill yourself I don’t even speak of that Ooman so stop make her a topic cause I don’t see her same way she don’t see me a something unno a look fi start come off my bloodclat name 4 years we don’t chat n I don’t care for her n her family I don’t hide behind fake name or computer if y’all feel
    bad step to me cause anything a anything I’m not going nowhere I have my bail money think me nice bye bitches go get a life or a real job n pay some tax’s in American trump waiting on y’all unwanted

  4. Michelle a who you a throw word for hog face. you don’t own house is the dutty apartment over east 19 you a carry on so hype over. who thief like your waste frens that you walk with when night come. Jimmy walk with you when? well tell him run in the park with you bitch cause you need it. me glad you know anything a anything everybody have bail $$$$ so its all good. Trump waiting for your friends not me i’m born american

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