………………….and???? REALLY THOUGH…NO NAME ??



You no hear say that this girl who use to party, she have her son for a regular dancehall man, well she and the man left like 6 years now, the son is 7 years old. Well the man have not given this girl any money for his son, so the poor girl have to turn mother and father for her child, The father even filed income tax for the son and dont ever give the mother a penny out of it, but yet him inna dance a floss every night,plus him also work. The poor girl cant take the burden no more so she put the babyfather on child support. Met mi sey the man have a next woman, the man cuss him mother, him sister the living and the dead for the woman. Well the new woman in the man life dont like the idea of how the first babymother put the man on child support , so she call police on the first baby mother and tell them how the girl call her phone and threaten she and her mother , to kill them and she scared for her life and she and her mother cannot walk on the road because the babymother a trouble them, so police went to the shop that the girl use to work and arrested her, well the first babymother have a paid lawyer, so him get her out of jail so let see how this work out in court, i hope the paid lawyer is a good lawyer because it hard to beat OBEAH.

0 thoughts on “………………….and???? REALLY THOUGH…NO NAME ??

  1. OOOOOOOOYYYE!!!! Senderrrrrrrrrr yuh tink ah soh suss go……NO NAME NAH CAHL??????
    This is like anyother babymother/babyfather story, nothing significant…….GET YO’ LIFE and return when you have names!!!

    Bueeeeeenos Dias a todos!!!!

  2. Quena pretty much summed it up. Sender a photo or a name would definitely help to identify why this is relevant for the wall when this is suh a common dancehall tale. Poof sender don’t come back with out the forementioned prerequisites. Please and tonxx

  3. Senda why???ova yah nuh name riddle me dis or riddle me dat…u all up inna di ppl dem business n com with dis dancehall tale…..no name or no pic,leave metty inbox alone….yuh no fraid di “obeah”ketch yuh…..metty I notice this trend lately..dancehall+baby mada+wifey+kids+matey=OBEAH……wey really wrong wid dese iniquity workers…..

  4. met just return this bullshit story right back to sender. This story is boring anyway it’s the usual Dancehall babymother and babyfather drama. “Yawn”

  5. If all this happen per the sender, then that’s some screwed up sh*t real talk, I personally don’t know these people but if the women did do that and make up such lies and the police believe it without looking at phone records etc, they wrong for that for real so I really up this lawyer of hers get it straighten for the girl because he needs to take care of his child and the women should be mad at her man not this women and doing that to her. Theres some crazy people out there.

    1. That’s what I was thinking. How can they lock her up without evidence? No witness no phone record of the threat. Kmt. An if it did guh suh. Then god nah sleep.. the new woman and the sperm donor will get what’s coming to them.. But along time she shoulda put him on child support.

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