1. Morning Met Metters and Peepers

    Terriann yuh don’t sound good tell if mi right or mi wrong

    Terriann yuh boring tell mi if right or mi wrong

    Terriann don’t yuh did a gi Kevin yuh money to tell mi if mi right
    Or mi wrong

    Terriann nuh body nuh memba yuh tell mi if right or mi wrong

  2. Special Christmas greetings to miss metty…mornin metty n folks….terriann go fine something fi do n tap live pan utube….tiad a yuh now…no sensible woman nah “mine”no man.FYI….REAL man provide n tek care of home….the funny thing is,I don’t wonder y real man don’t walk fi unno direction….cause a wey unno attract n what unno attracted to…FOH.

  3. Can’t even bother watch the home health aide. Go and change some bedpan and stop record foolishness on the ppl time. Ole turbit

  4. Good morning Met. Seasons greetings to you and all Metters. Wishing you all the best that this time of the year has to offer !!

    1. this is why dancehall people CANNOT prosper..she see paris a do a little ting and because nuff people run in pan di train no shame terriann deicide fi hop on…dem nuh have dem own set a ideas all dem can do is leech off other people own..if terri was ANY woman at all she would have bowed out a long time ago…there were no praises to sing she or melissa because people like dem suffer from cloudy judgement di whole a dem life. GO SIT DOWN SOMEWHERE TERRIANN…U WELCOME WEAR OUT AND DI MAT TUN OVA..PLATE INA DI SINK….TIME TO WASH UP NOW.. :nerd

      1. she just talk fi seh she a talk, jah know….. wann chat fi hear har own voice….. kmt…. all whore, no fame…..

  5. Terriann is very ugly!
    Har mouth look raw!
    She sound like she just dun smoke the crack
    She look slightly retarded
    She is always in uniform..a wander if she no have no clothes fi wear?
    She is always in the living room..a wander if the bedroom look like garbage heep?
    Tell mi if mi right or wrong!

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