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    1. Ummm have you ever been to Haiti. Although Poor there are mansions right next to zinc house. Keep Haiti outta yu mouth. Last I checked homegirl is JAMAICAN and still has a nasty bathroom. That says more about HER cleanliness then wherever she or di man is from. *Kissteeth*

  1. omg Stacy baby di wall an yuh face waan filter boo…between di wall crease full a dirt an skin wudda scratch wonda har face look like it a break out..bathroom a beg fi a wash!!!

  2. Then yuh mean fi tell mi sey, somebody really ZOOOOOOOOOOOOM eeen pan di picture di gurl post han sen hit een? Meh wan unno agen sey, “every secret ago expost – from di smallest to de biggest. So confess, beg forgiveness han change unno ways” and it goes to me too caws a nuff tings mi and father G_d a work pan.

    To de yung lady inna de picture (I imagine yuh ah go come een pan de pink wall and peep), I hope yuh glean little knowledge and understanding from this experience and change up yuh ways. It don’t look gud, di nakedness and di dirty wall – no sir.

    Evening Met and Metters

      1. That is gross!

        She need fi use de nautica towel and dry dung de bathroom afta she bleach that nastiness off de shower wall. ewww….toilet bowl may all look like outhouse…bout suntan. go make some tilex and Clorox bun up yu hand by cleaning that mess up!

        1. bleach waa dash every where all pan she because she fit in i still dont understand how people bathroom get mildew

          1. Rephrase it Met: How it reach mildew stage when a bathroom whey a use daily?.lol

  3. Is the tiles old and peeling or is it mildew. Just asking looks like a old dated apartment. my great grand mother had that tile in her house just asking?

  4. Very nasty very very veryyyyyy nasty Stacy go buy bleach in gel form n dash it all bout how all unnu have man? U no fuxx the ugly Haitian inna the shower u really rest ur face pon that tile whey fuxx sweet u nastiniss kmft everything unnu put pon social media

    1. CHUET! You are a $%#&*@! god know yu nu righted! ———————————-death! Chuet! whey yu sey she need fi a hold on pon de shower rod and lean up off a de dutty tile? lollllllllllllllll DEATH——————-grung catch me!!!

  5. I tell you about these so call internet celebrities..smh now why would this gal think this picture cute before she spend time clean the dirty ass bathroom she posting up picture on internet trying to convince people she is somebody! you can find products at the 99cent store to clean your bathroom caulk and everything sell there! It’s always the people who don’t have dry shit in dem batteyhole posting up all kind of rae rae everyday like dem is living life more like a big media just get so sickning with these type of people posting bullshit like this.

  6. She is nasty just like her man. Sometimes I wonder if they don’t have no shame. And is which part of you naturally beautiful when you favor bomb ah drop inna your mouth. You too brite, yuh fi gweh idiot gyal.

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