Hi Shani,

I have been trying to find the strength to write to you since Thursday a tremendously tragic, solemn day in history, in many more ways than one! As the world mourned the death of a patriotic leader, so too was myself and the other members of the Downer family and close friends, mourned the death of my beloved uncle, Barrington Anthony Downer. What are the odds; you crash and die on Nelson Mandela Highway, the day the world leader joins his creator in paradise? As I and the family go through this INDESCRIBABLY PAINFULLLLL period, I call on you and my fellow JMG movement to bestow upon us your incessant prayers, as we will be needed it more than anyone can imagine, as this is our 8th family member to pass in a 10 month period; 5 of which passed in under a 3 week period, and in no more than 2-4 days apart, and the last one being my 4months old infant cousin who was born on the 4th, and turned 4months on the 4th only to die 1 hour later after turning 4months @ midnight on the 4th of October. I am thanking you and ALL the Metters in advance, as I know that I will always have a Pink Wall to lean on. *TEARSSSSSSSSSSS*



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  1. @we nuh pet people my deepest sympathies go out to u and yours.
    Jah will give u the strength to b a stronghold for your family…eternal blessings shall b bestowed upon you.

  2. I feel ur pain deeply. Put ur trust in God and everyday u wake up pray that God covers ur whole family in his mighty blood and believe that this is the end of premature death in ur family.

  3. I am sorry to hear of your loss. We are often tested in ways that seem impossible to overcome. Try to find comfort in the memories no matter how short lived ( in the case of your cousin ) and the wonderful times shared with your uncle. This too shall pass

  4. WNPP, My most sincere condolences to you and your family in this your time of sorrow. May the Lord strengthen and comfort you all.

  5. Thank you all soooooooo so much, Met, Londy, Simply, Anony, MsB, Nappy, Sweets and Stully and all the peepers, I sincerely thank you and trust that we will remain in your prayers,that will carry us through this rather devastating period.

    Right now I a so NUMBBBBB!!! Every time I look at his pictures, my heart shatters into smaller pieces. Yoooooooww mayneeeeeee, fi know seh dis bredda body partially mash out like potatoe, to the point where him foot mash rite offfff!!!!! To know that the cop told us that, the steering wheel was IN his FACE, as was the BRAKE pedal IN his CHEST!!!!

    Yet, it strengthens me to know that, after such a violently horrific accident which occured @ 8:45, HE PULLED THROUGH!!! So much so that, the doctors started working on him @ 9:05 until 12:45 when he passed. *TEARSSSSSSSSSS*

  6. Oh GOD! @ We nuh pet ppl, I just prayed for you and your family, may you find comfort in knowing that God will strengthen you in your trails, I am deeply sad, and I feel your pain.

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  7. Awe girl you and your family are in my prayers. You all need to start a family prayer team and do some fasting to break this chain of loss and despair on your family. When one or two gather and agree God will move. So keep prayed up

  8. Thanks Anony. Yeppy thank you so much! Sharlee I thank you.

    I feel like I am surrounding by caring ppl, even though I am in a room by myself! TEARSSSSSSSS*

  9. WNPP I’m so sorry for your loss my prayers are with you always pls pls believe that at this dark hour God is in the midst securing a victory for u n ur family. :peluk :peluk :peluk :peluk

  10. :peluk …WNPP….my condolences to you and your family.I pray that God’s comforting arms embrace u and your family during this time of grief :kiss

  11. Awww, Chuety thank you sooooooo much!

    Yoooww if unnu eva see mi, how mi fayva crack head!! Sleep deprived, naw eat, cyaan keep still… smh *TEARS*

  12. We Nuh Pet People, I am so sorry to hear of your loss, from my family to yours hugs, kisses and prayers for you all.

  13. We love and care for each other, even though we never meet in the physical, we are joined in the spirit, morning Met, and the rest of JMG crew, blessed Sunday, going to put mi chicken in the oven now, :angel

  14. Real talk, mi love everybody on ya like real family…I **ALWAYS**include my JMG family in my prayers. Like Bammy seh, there is a spiritual and kinetic bond between all of us..even if we don’t get along at times..

  15. OMG! WNPP My prayers be with you and family in this sad period. Start reading the Psalms and declaring long life over you and your remaining family

  16. Blessings to you all, its time like this when we need to get together and pray that father god bless us all as we all go through our individual trials and tribulations. Blessings to the JMG family especially WNPP… Amen… XXX

  17. Say a word of daily affirmation over you and your family, believing every word you say, shattering out any untimely death and generation curses over u and your family

          1. hmmmmm that used to happen to my family with the males, I fasted and prayed and it was revealed a curse was on the family with the males. I prayed and asked God to shatter this curse, it was confirmed through a prophet that God broke the curse. What I was also led by the holy spirit to do was, to buy a bottle of pure olive oil,and some frankinsence and myrrrh boil it and put it in the olive oil, pray over it and annoint my brother and family members, I even put the names of the men in my family on altar call.

  18. God is awesome Met, has revealed himself in more ways than one. Prayer is powerful, fast and pray Metters God knows our hearts and will give us his strength just what we need for the day.

  19. WNPP……I cried for the first time in years as I read your letter. I don’t think I’m able to fathom your pain, I don’t even want to say I understand, so I pray for you. Be strong. My condolences to you and your family.

  20. I thank you ALL sooooo so much! I sincerely appreciate each and everyone of you, for youythoughtfulness and prayers, even the ones who are peeping but saying it in their minds. I am truly, deeply grateful!

    @Met yessssssss, 6 out of the 8 were males, including my little baby cousin who suddenly awoke from his sleep, @12:00 midnight screaming uncontrollably in a trance and was unable to open his eyes, even when his dad forced them open, and he continued to scream until approximately 1:00, then he died.

    My grand parents had 11 children, 3 of which were boys, and while eating a meal on Sunday January 6th, after which I was scheduled to go to board the Grey Hound to Atlanta to visit my grandpa, I recieved a call from my aunt enquiring if I had left and telling me not to do so, as my grandpa passed an hour ago. After my aunt’s call, I recieved a call from my mom, telling me that my dad didn’t want to tell me, however, my Uncle passed last night. So my dad’s eldest sibling passed the night before his dad! *TEARSSSSS* Everything just started spiralling out of control then.

    In the midst of all this, I have a male cousin who was hospitalized for quite some time round about the time we lost baby Tristan, as a result of both his kidneys failing. Everyday is a constant battle for him, because he knows not what the future holds. *TEARSSSS*

  21. Awwww, Willie hush don’t cry, and thank you sooo much!! Cc and Kk I thank you! Big up Met and the entire JMG movement! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

    Madame Obara!!! Salute!!!

    Simply nuh say ah word…Kunta my baby, I love you!

  22. @We nuh pet people Oh my God this is too much Tragedy for a family to bare I pray the Lord will keep your family strong in these testing times and let it be revealed to you the root of Evil. Lord put your hands on this Family because only you our creator know can break the chain and conquer evil Amen!

    We nuh pet people it seems as if your family members need to come together and have a good fasten and prayer vigil even cumina might help but something ain’t right and need to be addressed. R.i.p to your deceased relatives

  23. We nuh pet ppl WOW !!! Your life in 2013 sounds like the script from a horror movie. With so many deaths in one year, I’m sorry about your many losses My Dear.Time and prayer are the keys to healing pain, and to you Hon I offer you both. 1 Thessalonians 5:17 says “Pray without ceasing”. Please keep this Bible verse with you at all times. God bless.

  24. Miss Jamaica, I thank you dearly! Mifedup, thanks my darling, and I will do just that! Thanks to you ALL!!!!

  25. WNPP I’m sorry for your loss dear. I wish you and each and every member of your family comfort at this time. No words will be enough but do accept these words of mine as a stretched out arm of love. You’re in my prayers. God is in the midst :peluk :peluk :peluk :peluk

    get some prayer warrior pon di case to

  26. WNPP my deepest condolences an sympathy fah ur family an yu. :peluk

    May the God of heaven an earth comfort an keep yu an urs at dis tragic time. we at jmg av connected through spirit n mind to offer a hedge of protection round ur family. i pray di strength a ur family an may you all come togedda as family an pray an fast that God works to remove any hinderance or evil.

  27. Zervah thank you sooooooo so much, and I accept your love and prayers with open arms, heart, mind, body and soul! Kia I thank you sincerely, your prayers are truly appreciated.

    Once again, I thank Met and my entire JMG family, your prayers, thoughtfulness, consideration and kind word are profoundly appreciated, and it is rather comforting ti know that I can call on you guys without hesitancy and know that you will be there.

    With love!
    Nuh Pet xoxo :peluk :peluk

  28. May God Almighty be with you and your family to guide, keep and protect you and cover you with his blood..

  29. Morning met and metters! WNPP my heart goes out to you and your family. I will keep your family in my prayers. Try to stay strong cause Satan is in the mist. :peluk

  30. to read about such tragedy is heartbreaking, I pray that God will intervene and stop this hand of evil that has come upon your family, it touched me to read, I pray God grants your family the strength to both understand that He is God and God alone and he is still in the midst. Praying for you WNPP

  31. Oh my Lord and my God!!! I can only imagine the pain and suffering your family is experiencing. WNPP I am so sorry to hear and I have already lifted up you and your family in prayers, and will continue to do so. This reminds me so much of Job in the Bible….dutty satan is busy in your family. The Lord is my light and my salvation whom shall I fear?

  32. @Bigbutt, I thank you so much, I remember a while back when you experienced the misfortune which befell my family 2months ago, I shared deep sympathy, however, NOWWWW I can not just sympathize but empathize. I battle everyday with my thoughts, in an effort to find peace as I contemplate which us worst: to suffer the loss of a loved one or your own belly pain through a miscarriage, or to experience the birth of your child and loved one, welcoming the wonderful new addition to the family only for them to be suddenly and prematurely ejected from this world, at a mere 4months!?!?!

    KGN 13, Real Toronto, Sammy, Chocolate, Tweet, Yawdy, Riches and Nixx You have no idea how much it means to me, to have so many of you take time out to read the post, and much more, to take time out of your busy schedules to pray for my family. Your thoughtfulness is profoundly appreciated!

    @Yawdy, I am telling you! It is rough, to say the least, and to know that (and as I stand here before God and all things living, I can assure you that I speak the truth and nothing but, as I do not sugar coat anything) none of these ppl were gun slingers, or ppl who were of no merit or importance to society, IT CUTS SUBMARINE DEEP!!!!! *TEARS*

  33. WNPP my condolences, may the Lord help you and your family members through this trying time. The devil is a liar, fast and pray for deliverance. I will include you in my prayers.bless.

  34. Hi WNPP, sorry for your losses. I will pray for you and your family. MANKIND is CORRUPT! Are you in the US? In the mean time visit the Catholic church and anoint yourself with the holy water….Do it every day if you can.

  35. Hi Miriam! Thank you so very much. Yes I am in the US, will try to do as you advised.

    Kurve, you are so sweet, thank you dearly. It is rather comforting to know that you will be praying for us.

    Once again, Met and the entire JMG entity, much love and appreciation!

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