1. dis bloodclaat nuff useless gal is a next gaza slime de sed wan unno call slim..bout caught btwn de two yah phuck shawn storm weh nuff up inna plus lizard yuh fren weh dead well since yuh knw seh him dead fe sure nd neva cum back fe cum rob guh deh guh tell dem if yuh man STORM confess a ting tuh yuh while yah choke pon him bloodclaat hood yuh cunt yuh..

    Good day met metters peepers nd others………..

    (Simplicity soon sign in)

      1. not now but rite nung..she fe guh tell dem why tears a mash har dung and why caught between the two…real germs she be

        1. ole careless big gal ooman milk a ole murderer she did a sleep wid a gwaan like kartel a dog..milk come talk why u did a cry

  2. as de host a teachaz pet a she sed wan did even chat bout de dawg bite unno guh deh fe MILK b4 she start cradle frm sup’m tuh ntn luk how de gal lower har self tuh de lowest level met unno subphoena de gal

  3. from di buddy licking leak she lose har self – esteem…
    check har behavior after the whole shibang. I guess she had to get in where she fit in. I feel sorry for her..

          1. Tell me something Metty of one of the defendants suddenly decide to take the murder rap for everyone, that is admitting to commit the actual murder what will be the charges for the rest of them?

  4. if wen de pic dem did leak she did deal wid it like she sorry bout it she wuda deh fur but no she waan be ghetto bruck back mattrass weh just a walk nd a suck as she guh,deh pon raga a big up etc….a from mawnin milk doah av ntn bout har all she duh nung a smoke like she deh pon har last nd tweet how she really lving as a nobody…guh tell dem weh lizard body milk

  5. Huh??? Hold on a minute milk is a gaza follower/member if am wrong unu please correct mi, gaza slim is a gaza member, gaza slim say Lizard try rob her and milk saying r.i.p Lizard this is so confusing….. gaza slim gonna serve some time for she knowingly reported a crime that could never had happen because she knew that Lizard was dead. People who read my comments please am begging you its ALWAYS best to work for an honest living, it might small but a fi yu own so feel very proud criminality is not the way to go the lifestyle may look glamorous from the outside but believe me they aren’t as comfortable as they make it seems. Good innocent girl mek dutty kartel brainwash her and ruin her life.

  6. And for those who have this silly idea about us fighting kartel I for one am not, I could’ve understood if he was in some sort of “war” and one of his enemies died BUT good God almighty man the youth grow up with you even got a gaza tattoo to show his affiliation to the crew and unu end up kill him??? Mi sure know God never like that one bit!!

  7. Lasco is a wicked …….yu mean to seh di bwoy dead how long now shi a seh RIP ……so shi neva know seh him dead when dem lock up worl loss?

  8. I said it in one of my post last week……..more ppl know….but fraid fi talk……….storm spoil milk an it tun inna running belly…woieeeeeeeeeeeeeee…talk milk…..hope dem lockup fi u bloodclaat to.u too rass nuff…..shi fly…

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