Mi a beg u help with out with something please. This boy Andre McEwan. Him won’t mine him pickney. The mother a try har best mi nah lie. She got rob by some work man trying to invest in a business. NW this boy never use to mind the pickney n nw the mither on her face. Him still nah try. Him jus full a chat. But before the murder him them a give him one more chance fi start help with the child. N the need Fi start buss some shot inna them worthless boo ya. Cause them no serve no purpose. Blast him Fi mi.. n when unno see him inna the streets unno fi tell the nerd seh him daughter a straight A student. Him Fi mind har. N tell him duty family fi stop being hypocrisies because them a chat say a f***y him a do back a him back n a boots him up in a him face…



  1. Carry him guh family court…if di pickney a fi him own! Di time nuff woman a tek and cuss and a run down di man you deal wid him proper and mek him haffi pay and stop stress out unnuh self unnecessarily!

  2. Him live a maryland n the child in Jamaica. I’d u have any advice on how he can be taken to family court. I would appreciate it

    1. I live in Maryland and Maryland have an agreement with Jamaica…as long as u have him address they will take him to court without u being there…take the money from his paycheck and give it to you…wish I had a way of contacting you..I could give you the information

  3. Never understand why these women publicly expose the men for not supporting their children when they were giving up the pu$$y for free smh

    1. So I take it you would understand these women publicly exposing the men if they had given up the ‘p’ for money? kmt

  4. How do you know she gave up har pu**y for free! Do you personally know this woman and this little boy to even make a statement like that??? We know being in a relationship is a gamble we never know if it is going to work out for the long term or not no matter how much we be careful and sex is part of a relationship no sex, neither side is going to stay long… With that being said sometimes a child is produced from set act…

    Sender you should see consultation from an attorney in your town and see how you can talk proceeding to get child support while he is over there and I’m sure it can be done… If someone can be in a different state from their child in the US and still pay child support from where they live, I’m sure it can be done overseas… Go seek a good lawyer that understands US laws and can integrated with Jamaica child support laws nothing beat a try… Hit the bastard in his pockets. :cekpm

  5. Mommy, I’m going to tell you something that I’d told a friend years ago & who didn’t listen to me (although she pretended to) & who ended up with a heart attack at 36 while planning to fly to the states to mash up her child’s father life. She & I laugh about it now, but that’s when she to heed my advice of years ago & there is just something about her that’s…happier now.

    Do not give your energy to this man. Focus all your energy into taking care of your child & yourself. It is easier than you think once you make it a conscious decision, because you’ll get so wrapped up in the development & growth of both you & your child that some days you won’t even remember him.

    Start by looking at your financial situation carefully so you can decide how to proceed. If it is that the child is in prep school, you may need to put her in primary school to alleviate that financial burden. You can always get extra-curricular activities outside of prep ie swimming at YMCA, extra-lesson from a teacher charging a cheap rate etc.

    You also don’t need to tell your daughter a single bad thing about him, because she’s growing & will see without you saying anything to her that it’s only you that have her back & she will be able to decipher & make her own decisions about him.

    If you think publicly shaming him, cussing/styling him, losing sleep & just generally agitating yourself about his worthless behaviour is going to change him into helping you with his child – you are wrong.

    A man who has an appreciation for his role as a father needs no prompting at all in being involved with his child. Some of them don’t care, will never care & those who eventually decide to care, well the child will know how to deal with them.

  6. There relationship was a long term. They were both young n crazy in love but as him touch the plane. Omg him change. N we all nw she is a trying girl..

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