Hey met good day I need to put this promoter Andrew French and him woman Simone pon blast can you image my nephew working with them good while now and every time is the same rass thing them keep up. When them keep chug it after the event everybody get pay and bartender have to wait two weeks can you believe two weeks for $2500 and Simone find everything in the world to draw out money, when you tell Andre French him seh a Simone him leave in charge to take care of bartender and him take care of promotion girl. The last chug it was dec 20 and all now pay nuh run and him call her and no answer them can’t do business suh and them a keep the next one may and all now ppl can’t get pay suh Mi have to take it to social media cause every day them a talk bout big bad chug it and don’t want to pay the bartender weh mek chug it possible. Oh and the lunch weh them a give staff it’s a disgrace suh hope when them see this or someone tell them,them do better. Worthless mother f***ka


  1. Hey gyal Simone Forbes yuh been doing this longtime now is true Met. I have a little fren that works for her and what she does is that bout how much liquor not accounted for and blah blah. yuh fi stop it now man. Unnu alone fi nyam food. Slavery days dun Simone, yuh fi stop it!!!!!!!!
    Don’t tek out yuh problems pon di ppl dem and nuh dem mek yuh nah play fi Jamaica a yuuh wickedness cause it.
    yuh is a wicked gyal, yuh and yuh man

  2. Andrew French weh them claim a spend 500 grand pon pum pum monthly? itty bitty buddy Andrew weh a pay gal fi nyam them crotches? Do better Mr French. U a dash out money pon gal fi buy hair and u nuh want fi pay the ppl dem weh work fi yuh. Labour is labour, Wehda them a suck yuh d!ck or a serve drinks at ur event ppl fi get paid when them work.

  3. But nuh di said Andrew French this that mek the wall fi pay how much thousands n thousands fi suck tun tun?? So how dem have money fi pay fi suckings and can’t pay ghetto yutes??pay di workers dem and Go SYM!

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