12 thoughts on “NO FREN TUH MI TING

  1. Black Chyna mother already put it out there today, that everything is staged and she mad because the Kartrashions sign contract and paying Black Chyna less than Rob K. And them only offer she the mother airfare & hotel. Everything these people do us discussed in the board room before it goes down

  2. People need to stop follow these people. What about people who inspire to be good and better in life? What happen to us looking up to doctors, teachers etc. now everyone wants to find a man with money and make it. These people will do everything and anything to stay relevant they sign contract with the devil. I don’t like them but the way they do things are unavoidable cause they everywhere. We need to ignore them and watch them disappear. Their time is over give us some influential people to look up to. Worst generation this to rass n it’s getting worst.

  3. Black china have no shame no morals shi reduce harself lower dan di kardashians i wud like to know wat her childhood was like cuz she seem to have hidden issues.

  4. Gal China affi fren har cause har pussy nuh tight again like di likkle gal own. But den again China brain dead so a so it go.. rate har still she left di strip club to something bigger an still a do har ting but look like she really in love wid tiger.. dat batty man… China if a me like yuh Mi run weh from dat whole family

  5. But really can u trust anybody who batty fava baby pampers when full or somebody who lip look like it soon blow up big n tun blue wid white puss from injection gone wrong. All dat damn fakeness u really expect something real.

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