Confession Time…

I am grateful for this story to reach this platform finally. I want to personally apologize to this man’s wife, who, because of me, I have destroyed her perfect family.

I am the one who introduced Yoli to this woman’s husband. So, I feel responsible for the implications of this connection.

This gal and I were friends according to my interpretation of friendship based on the time spent, personal conversations shared, and experiences created. She was introduced to me by my best friend of over 25 years. Because of her behavior and how she went after my ex-man, I no longer speak to my best friend because deep down, I blame her, too. Now, back to why I am here.

Yoli and I were cool, we hung out together, we laughed together and we partied. We were building a true friendship. One day, I told her I wanted to introduce her to my ex-man to do business. Now, we all have dated men in relationships knowingly and unknowingly because we are human, and **ish happens. However, there is a girl code and respect for people in the same circle of friends. There are men in our lives who are off-limits to your friends or people you know. Although I am married now, he was a part of my history and was off-limits.

Anyway, I introduced them to do business, knowing she was in construction. Now, remember that Yoli was someone I spoke to daily. Well, after I introduced my ex-man to Yoli on a 3-way call. After that initial conversation, she called me to say she didn’t want to do business with him because he’s showoff and nuff. Meh seh; after that, I never heard from her again.
Yes, I am mad because only a dutty gal would do that. And don’t even have the courtesy to call, text, say something; I met your ex, and I actually do like him. She just tek the people dem husband and don’t say a word to me.

She knew the man was in a full-blown relationship with this woman.
Often times, we give the side chick a pass and black the main woman, who innocently doesn’t know they have a dutty man. And truly, the other woman should be blamed because they are coming after other people’s men.
She is a snake, the same way she took Popcaan, very sneaky. (More details in the book)

Today, I will let this go because, finally, I can speak my truth. The wife doesn’t deserve negative comments; she held that man down for over 20+ years. I understand you all looking at Yoli and her hott body and saying she tek ah gal man.

If the man wanted to leave his wife, he would leave. If you are that beautiful, with your own money, and sexxy body, you shouldn’t be a CERTIFIED SIDE CHICK.

You should have a man for yourself or, if you are taking somebody man, the man would have to leave his wife because no good good body gal should share a man, and after 9pm, some gal caan call man. Dem must know the Gal Policy. Chuu Kranium.

The man must leave the other woman for you. For over two years, and you are still the CERTIFIED SIDE CHICK. Stay tuned for my book, the Ultimate Betrayal.

10 thoughts on “ANEDDA ONE PAN YOLI LIST

    1. Is the wife write this… Spoken in the same cadence as the Instagram post.. A husband owes his wife loyalty….when he cheats he is the one disrespecting her.. Clearly yall want to drag Yoli but really the man deserves the shame… A HUSBAND having an outright side chick so the wife have to resort to blasting her on Instagrm means the man cares ZERO about said “wife”… picking a fight with the woman means you have low self esteem cause if it’s not Yoli it’s gonna be somebody else.. Stop hold down man for 20+ years when dem a disrespect you.. Stop play hero.. have some self respect

  1. Yoli owes no woman no loyalty. Cause it if wasn’t Yoli that take u man it definitely would be somebody else. Men CANNOT be tamed no time at all! She has her money & if she chose to be a side chick that’s her choice, she might want to have fun without commitment & things do happen. Her ex husband used to behave reckless with other younger girls. Ppl do wtf they want & live how they want to, some a unu a chat & unu a do worse deeds. Lef di woman!

  2. Unu need fi talk about the “uptown” husbands that nuh stop buy Pum Pum and have side chicks galore yet act like Saint with their wives lol a lot of them are living double and triple life’s ………namely that one restaurant owner

  3. Met since we in the topic of uptown mixup. I see that Rebecca Silvera sister has passed. Ppl dem a sey a suicide and she(the sister) also had a court case for child abuse/ child endangerment

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