5 thoughts on “ANEIKA VS SNOWDOLL

  1. Found Jesus? SMH…… When you’re a side chick and proud of your position you’ve only found Satan. It surprises me just how many of these girls are so clueless to their slutty lifestyles. Going to church on Sunday’s ain’t enough, unnu need to reborn, because unnu too proud of being jump offs and home wreckers. You would think that a chick that resembles a rabid pit bull would keep a lower profile :ngakak

  2. Uhm unuh nav ntn to do underhere? Ive seen snow shes a very pretty girl there aneka goes again trying to play the victim after her friendships f**p.snow not even a look pon yuh.

  3. Boi ppl thou. Smh. Ive seen snow hee pics are pretty in person shes beautiful. Yall need to chill. On the other hand like wtf why anieka s draw that card she love attention so love play victim. Snow not even a look at you go sidung!

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