When I Did This Song I Did It With All My Heart Because The Enemy Always Try To Rise Up Against Me… It Became A Household Song For Generations And Generations To Come…As The Song Says! No Worries God A Deal Wid Everything… That Will Forever And Always Be My Motto “No Worries” Will Be Playing All When Mi Old And Grey! That’s The Power Of Good Music And Nobody Is Above Dat! #2019 New Years Ball Was Litty🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 @anggil4937

6 thoughts on “ANGEL A SO YUH BEAT SATAN

  1. Yes goodie mek she talk to yuh, big tinking spice. Issa man she want…but due tuh it behavior nuttn wid sense nuh want it.

  2. Dah frenship deh did doom from jump caa spice neva genuine from di start, jus by she saying she purposely was trying to duck ur calls shows dat she did dat collab fi all di wrong reason, shi do it jus suh she cud have somn ova yuh, you seem to be living di words of di song more so dan her, she seem very bitter and unhappy smh.

  3. The Romaine Lettuce in di green frack tek outfit fi di year and it jus start. What di raas was dat? Not to mention the silver sprayed tree branches pon har head. I caintttt

  4. It dey pon Loop News sey Nuffy a sue SpLice fi defamation fi call him pedophile etc.

    Only defence fi defamation is that its di truth, wonda what proof (truth) SpLice have to come wid or she’ll settle out of court by giving Nuffy a change or a wack of cash

  5. Why I just got Goose Bumps listening to this? Not a dancehall fan however, I love this Lady. Keep it Classy Angel and go through. Love it.

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