1. And dem wonder why dancehall inna garbage can globally. There is nothing that can succeed in the long-term in a disorganized environment. The disorganization and lack of foresight is why it is where it is.

    Spragga,at the end of the day you have more of a global recognition than Stacious, I know for a fact you were paid more than her for that event. Why you couldn’t allow her to meck a money when you didn’t have anywhere important to go? You know you have a huge female fan base and trying to do damage control. Instead of doing this shyt on IG you could have called or meet Stacious one a way to understand where she is coming from. Her message was a teachable moment for everyone and she did not say anything rude or insulted anyone. Be humble and willing to understand another person’s journey. That’s why the country and the culture is fckng up on so many levels, nobody wants to be humble, appear vulnerable, or meet another human being on the spiritual level. Get to know what female artists go through in that male dominated industry. You have a daughter, you come from a woman, you are a heterosexual man, you should care about the plight of women.

    1. @anon 6:10pm – Learn to read. Then again you is probably Stacious or a Stacious groupie.

      Promoters and event managers are in charge of this shit. Anyone to blame is them. They organize and determine stage time… dumbo.

      Then you draw fi di GAY and Misogyny card. Dumb fk. Stacious just needs to hold har L like a big woman and keep trying.

      If yuh music TUN UP, yuh would HAVE to get stage time. Read between the LINES.

      Many ppl in her position would react the same way but that don’t mean she was correct in her statement.

      1. Unno fool fool enuh. Mi haffi be Stacious or her groupie fi write wah mi seh. What wrong in wah mi wrote? Spragga too big fi link Stacious and try to understand where she coming from? Why are we so afraid to talk to each other and put our foot in someone else’s shoes. She know why she couldn’t keep it bottled up in her no more. Obviously, is not no today or yesterday thing, seems like she have to go through the same shit every show and pressure buss pipe.

        Everybody caan have an amazing catalog and world renowned. Should she roll over and die because she not on the level of Saw or Spice? Are you the best at your job, other staff nuh better than you? There is a place for her irrespective of her level of success. A nuh only the lead singer meck the music good, backup singer and band nuh all part of the ensemble that make it come together. No artiste should ever apologize to anyone for not making it huge, doing the work that you love and giving your 110%, maintaining your professionalism and having a good reputation in the business should make every artiste proud of their work.

    2. Please…nobody wants to hear her. The man does not have to allow her to meck no money, meaning he owes her nothing. Yes he could have but it was not his duty to do so. He was paid to do his set and did it. So she may be justified to feel a way but one cannotot blame him dfor doing what he qas paid to do.

      1. Well, thank God he does not share your mindset since he took some time out of his day to reach out to her and speak with her personally. He may not have owed her that call either, but he chose to do it because he remembered that he is a spiritual being first in this life, and at the end of the day we are all connected to GOD, none better than the other.

  2. very unprofessional, but shouldn’t the promotors be held accountable for what time the unprofessional artiste dem go on stage? if they show up late they miss their stage call. they have to wait for the next rotation…put it in the contract!!!!! I’m not in the music business so I don’t know who is in charge of the acts. somebody explain fi mi deh? I would be upset if I came on time and still never get fi perform. This is why I prefer when they tour europe, they are always on time and give better performance…i.e Koln summerjam.

  3. Spragga yuh bin one a mi artis from longtime, but a better u an fenda did jus apologize to di female an try to do better nex time, more dan further a aggregate/insult har a call har badmind wen dats not even relevant to di situation smh.

  4. Jamaica on a grand scale is just disorganized to the point where anywhere you go you have to put a gun to the people’s head to stand in line and organize themselves. Spragga always been a A-1 azzhole, who for some reason like Bounti Killa never gets called out for his phuckry antics. I know for one he doesn’t give a phuck about his fans and if you go up to him and ask him for an autograph or picture as a male he will try to treat you like a batty man or groupie, so him showing up late doesn’t surprise me at all.

  5. But she never said anything bad bout Warrior King, all she did was justify why he had to perform and leave due to his family situation Warrior no answer was needed here. Or you too a look a small hype

  6. He didnt say he got there at 3, he said he didn’t go on until 3. Only who was there can tell what really really went down. If he did nothing wrong I don’t see why he need to apologize. Stacious said she she got there from 11, how many people performed between that time and the time spragga went on? How many of them showed up after her n went on before her? Yuh cyaa pin point 2 ppl alone n seh dem fuck up.. promoter shoulda manage him stage better PERIOD.

    1. When yu se day mi m’emballe di song too bad …. no him fi lef dem offs di tour…last thing mi wah hear a se angel a de wid Buju

  7. Spragga a mi artiste still but more time unnu fi bill and remember when unnu did want a buss or just buss. All unnu have to do is apologize to the girl and see the thing as a business and not as a hustle…which means unnu reach and perform on time…unnu audience a di next set to…show a start 9pm and 10pm some a unnu just a wake up fi reach 1am so the venue empty when a showtime…stop talk bout the girl badmind…warrior king you and ugly wife/manager fi go siddung di fuck unnu have 1yr old a stage show a do? Unnu could find a granny, aunty or a babysitter

  8. First of all, its not a woman thing. It’s a dancehall thing. No dancehall show ever in the history of dancehall has ever run according to schedule. Another thing, where did Spragga state that he arrived at 3am? Stacious shoulda work from bout 11pm.
    Real Talk 😡

    1. Exactly…..what I read was he was supposed to go on at 1am and didn’t get to perform til 3am. Also I read he was not aware of the situation with Stacious. So how is he at fault?

  9. Unnu must learn to not only read, but comprehend what was read! Another thing, don’t be quick to believe everything you hear regarding these artistes and what transpires at these event, UNLESS YOU ARE/WERE THERE; as there’s as big difference in news that is relayed (5 ppl will give 15 different stories) and what is recorded, as well! Now, Met and others, Spragga DID NOT say he “arrived at 3am”, he said he “was slated to perform at 1am, but didn’t do so until 3am”. Unless you guys were entering the venue at the same time as Carly or accompanied him there, then none of you know what time he got there; making it VERY UNFAIR for you to be saying some of the things you did. Mek mi tell unnu supmn, yuh see if unnu nuh deh ah dem place deh an tek unnu two eyes and see certain things, you lot will NEVER be able to fully understand the runnings of it, and if you are a person who, like myself witness a lot, then you’ll be just as appalled, happy, angry or sympathetic/lenient when you hear or see some things. A key thing Carl mentioned, was that “Cham was already performing” when he arrived, which is telling that things weren’t running as planned, because that statement meant Cham was to appear after him!

    Ah wonder how many of you remembered the “Norris Man Incident”, where he told Miguel (Sizzla) to suck his mother????? Let’s break that incident down. The only thing that was true and appeared in real time on that video, was the fact that he indeed, bad up himself and said “ah whappen to some man????? Man ah bad man! Guh suck yuh mada!!!!!” To which Miguel replied “dat yuh seh?????” And when the strangers on the stage (not one person who touched him was from Judgement Yard) started to beat the brakes and turban off his dumb ass, Miguel uttered “no violence”. That’s it! They didn’t capture the part where Miguel was waiting to perform and Marion (Saw) came to him and said, she just stepped off a flight; extremely jet lagged/drained, sleepy and still had to leave that show and drive a long way to another parish to do, yet another show, immediately after, so she asked him to come on stage during her performance and begin his, so as to help her out, because she couldn’t perform her entire set. When they both attempted to carry out their agreement, there came K Queens; to the anger of “Mr Persistence Is To Try Throughout This Precious Time”, resulting in him getting the boots and turban knocked off! And after him wicked and wild up himself pon GT Taylor dem, him come back come tell one big helluva lie seh “Ppl, Sizzla mek him fren dem beat mi up!”……When di beaten never clear customs yet! All in all, ah suh dem tings deh guh, and not everything is always the artiste’s fault, sometimes it’s that of the promoters or other artistes, and again, oftentimes if you’re not there, then you’re just on the outside looking in; there IS ALWAYS cause and effect, action and reaction!

  10. Met, Stacious has posted on her IG that Spragga reached out to her and they had a conversation. She also apologized publicly to him for any misunderstanding her words may have caused. So like the mature people that they are they had a conversation and did not leave anything to speculation and hurt feelings on either side. I appreciate that Spragga as a veteran artiste chose to take the high road and perhaps through his conversation with her he may have a better understanding of what things feel like on her end. A good start to 2019, maturity and oneness among artistes in dancehall, bridging the gap between veterans and newcomers. May it be an omen of a better dancehall community going forward so the music can build back and everyone get their slice of the pie.

  11. Unuh need fi read wid overstanding spragga inna di venue from 1waiting on his turn to perform And neva touch di stage till 3. Why she neva approach spragga and ask him if she can work before him then? No she rather guh social media guh mek a fool of herself smh and end up apologizing to di man. Spragga Benz nuh stifle young artiste suh whoeva write this need fi guh one side

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