18 thoughts on “ANGEL ANSA UP

  1. Fully out and bad mi gyal D’Angel mek di nastiness hold Dem deh,hold Dem deh ,hold Dem deh!Yuh never haffi do yuh body and yuh a WIFE!!All when Dem duh 44 surgeries which man or woman in Dem right mind would look to wife the vulgarity likes of Splice!!??

    D’Angel Always give off a lively up yuh hood vibes,Splice in spite her best efforts can’t stop give off a deadhood vibes… something bout her character and not her crawniness per say.

  2. Oh Jesus :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak Yes Angel nuh gi har di hype she a look. Mek she go tek out har frustration pan di mike if she have sumting fi seh. She a try har best fi stay relevant…ladysaw never had to do that spice. Ppl like spice wee kill yuh caah she have yuh up an neva say it tuh yuh face until afta cyaah trust har.

  3. Im confuse a wha really happen between dem. Nuh di adda day dem duh that beautiful song. Mi like Angel she seems cool. Spice something is very wrong because the other day it was Naro. U r not happy and it shows.U have fame and money and suh miserable. Spice u have to drop that market mentally (Very bad attitude) that’s going to be your downfall. Lawd man I am cheering for u but dis nah guh mek it

  4. Angel have several seats, yuh look like a damn fool. As much as Me nuh spice fan, you clearly trying too hard and it don’t fit you.

  5. Spice aguh rub out har bloodclaat jus watch. Memba seh all now Lisa Hype cya resurrect. Spice jus fool cuz she keeps making her relevant, nobody neva memba Angel till now.

  6. look how spice (RICH AND FAMOUS) and a hide and fuck because no real man nah own spice me bruck
    and spice couldn’t pay me to fuck her I know she sad only get LoVe from who benefit from her SADDDDD!!!

  7. Angel shouldn’t trust her since she went on ONSTAGE some time ago ( during Beenie time ) and referred to her as “the fallen one / angel “…I was shocked they became friends an all do song together…Tuff face spice can’t tame ..

  8. Lol….Queen Saw Man ah the least and Ms Hyper it sticky pon dem. Can’t wait for a female clash. Tired of the man dem arguing and can’t understand ah thing.

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