1. SMH….. I saw this coming from him married that lady… These guys are nothing but opportunist!!!! And these women are so stupid and blind all in the name of HYPE!!!!!

  2. Eediat gyal unnu stop complain, what unnu did expect fi get? Kmft a run dung hype and get flop bcs giving gary yu money what yu expect other dan cocky. Stfu and move on dats all and stop believing inna man whey have a million others

  3. He do…he’s very manipulative.
    Poor baby ”

    I’m still so stuck here hahahahah wife sounds UNBOTHERED and like she even benefits from the thievery. Sorry hon but your friend IS a baby if Ina dem day here she FIND HERSELF ah mine man especially KNOWING him have ah wife

    Silly “BABY” fi sure

  4. Jah know If is gary sherlock she is talking about, I am disappointed. I know that lady, real nice woman, have her own business and things plus she does not mix up. I can only wish her the best. Gary if this post is about you, a woman like your wife is hard to find. Respect and love the lady the right way

      1. Mi family why should mecs just go get a pet ? Why shi go true all this fi carry di two foot go so fatale ?? No man shi coulda do better

  5. Gary looks filthy like him don’t bade. What woman in their right mind would take him to be their lawful husband? Man mussi dead pon dem to rass!

  6. Women it’s 2019. STOP pay fi bu**y ! Wth much less from this worthless, jobless, look like him frownsy POS

  7. Yes so true yuh 3K gone yuh gone find wife. You greencard wife yuh a false pretender. Is we Have Gary Man? You gonna take this from BooJaBatty

  8. Lol a di dutty looking boy weh waah bade dis? Ewwww! All if yuh wash out yuh pussy him dirt cyaah come outta it lol what a mess

  9. Whey me wah know is what happened to sex n d city dance?? How it went? Videos anyone??

    Original bubblelikesoup

  10. Look pan him 2, mi couldn’t sleep wid him much less take up my money and give him. Man really short but wife and the other girl u could have done better. Him nuh fi use nobody because him look dirty and STINK. He should be paying for your time and affection, it burn mi fi some a unno. I’m still shaking my head, bwoy weh wear nail polish and skirt when him ready and a him a mad unno. I would rather glue my legs shut than open it up to it.

  11. Hmmm so it’s crazy when har Fren did ah tek the ppl them husband why she never write her then .. sometimes yuh can’t freakky blame the man dem… smh

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