First of all I must thank all of you who have supported this cause, and may God continue to bless your hands.I spoke to Angella last week and she informed me that she was hospitalized for over a week because she had a mild heart-attack. Angella is 42 years old and wheelchair bound with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. The month before her daughter Ashley was also hospitalized for a week in The Children’s Hospital because of asthma. The money she had is almost depleted and she needs to do a few tests which are costly. As you know she is unable to work and her daughter needs money for school . It is scary because right now Angella’s life is at risk and if anything should happen there will be no one to take care of her daughter besides her elderly mother so do keep her in your prayers and please give what you can.

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  1. i can do a lil something also, not much because i have a lot on my plate this christmas only GOD one know how i’m going to manage but in him i put my trust. good morning metty n company.

    1. :kiss mi know but still
      my main worry a the fact that she have the high cholesterol and may get another heart attack..the baby nuh really have nobody very sad smhh

    1. Those arrangements really have to be made fi real because anything can happen. Im going to talk to her about it. U see because she wheelchair bound that cause problems to where circulation and exercise is concerned

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