Long time vetran D.J Major Mackerel seh!! Him and Elephant man a bredda and sister but a him a di bredda *ketch mi bret* and Ele a di sister :hammer …Mackerel seh Ele gi him $3000JMD and him walk and a tell people how him gi di man money and all put di man name ina song. Ele yuh fi stop it because yuh always a gi people $2000 suh choo u gi di man $3000 yuh feel seh a di world yuh gi him mean baddie bwaay Ele..SEET YAH NOW!…….Mackerel nuh duh nuttin more dan write song gi Kippo fi Star clash whey day…………….and all now Ele reeling from dat EPIC episode………ah waa di people dem come talk up di tings wid di shemale dem oooooooooo bekaw Mackerel sehhhhhhh some people cyah ride pan him Honda bikeeeeeeeeee


  1. Ele mi know a nuh lie mackerel a tell se a 3000 u gi him and u go run u mouth bout u gi di man money. hayyyyyyyyy mackerel seh him write song gi kippo fi dun u and now u bex……a good u mouth too bad

      1. mackerel seh him and ele a bredda and sister but a him a di bredda noooo mek a write up dis video hellooooooooooooo r u there? :hammer

  2. Major Mackerel give anybody any money fi put down ?. Him should a glad sey Ele fart pon him and even give him a dime.

    Liberty come thru carelessness.

    Major Mackerel suppose to make a lot of money, how come him a beg bread

  3. Morning met n metters :peluk . The man say me n ele a brother n sis but a me a the bredda _______________________________ I can’t BDL met the ppl think m e a mad

  4. @PMRM… Stop support f@&kery.. So wa di bwoy Elephant gi di man $3000 JMD..A money dat if you a walk an tell people say him gi di veteran..Elephant waa a man kick inna him raas….

  5. He happy to hav 3000 to giv a way so him a if walk and talk look what him a come from father no take care a him .mother can find food to giv him so let him talk about it mi happy for the bwoy Elephant. 30000 is a lot for one man to get and no u gal .elephant y u no go look all gal way u f**k out and giv dem athing

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