An American law enforcement official has confirmed that a Jamaican, Andrew Sayeed Myrie, who is also known as Anju Blaxxx, is scheduled to appear in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Miami at 1:30 pm Wednesday on charges relating to lottery scamming.
Myrie was arrested by American law enforcement officers in Florida last Friday.
“He is scheduled for a detention/identity hearing. He is charged in North Dakota with mail and wire fraud in connection with telemarketing fraud,” Clare Hochhalter, federal prosecutor and assistant United States attorney, told the OBSERVER ONLINE.
This is Myrie’s second appearance in court since his arrest. His first was on Monday.
Hochhalter is also the federal prosecutor in the case involving Jamaican radio disc jock ZJ Wah Wa (given name Deon-Ville O’Hara). He was arrested on lottery scamming charges in Florida in May 2014. He pleaded guilty and his sentencing is scheduled for February 23, in North Dakota.
The lottery scam involves duping elderly American victims to send millions of dollars for ‘lottery winnings’. In response to complaints from the American Government, the Jamaican Government set up a lottery scam task force in 2009 to stamp out the illegal activity.


    1. I guess di earnings from music can’t fund their lifestyle- all in the name of keeping up appearances dem a mash up dem life.

  1. wow
    this one kind of shocking seeing as though Andrew comes from an affluent family who already have money

  2. It come in like ZJ Wah Wa is trying to sink Anju Blaxx because him one no waan go prison, or him waan company inna North Dakota where him a go do some time fi lottery scamming. Anju Blaxx born rich, the man ah drive Benz from him a 18, him family rich so why Wah Wa decide fi sink him? Because Anju Blaxx nah tek him call dem from prison???? Wah Wah yu wicked!!!! The man ah leak information, and now ah try mix up Anju Blaxx inna him ting. ZJ Wah Wa pleaded guilty and his sentencing is scheduled for February 23, in North Dakota.

    1. Rich ppl Dont mine them Pinckney when them big and can go look work.. As a certain age they cut your allowance pay for your college and expect you to go look a job to try maintain their money which will be the child own when that parents die.. They will buy u a car but u have to buy gas and pay for your own insurance.. Rich ppl pickney no live off of them until dem dead. Dem haffie get educated and look job.

      1. A wealthy hedge-fund chief was gunned down by his adult son after he threatened to cut his allowance by a $100 a week and stop paying his steep rent, cops said Monday.
        Spoiled manchild Thomas Gilbert Jr., 30, flew into a murderous rage when he confronted his fed-up dad, Thomas Gilbert Sr., 70, over the downsizing of financial support, police said.
        “He was on a stipend from the family. Looks like he was in debt,” NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said of the accused killer.
        The freeloading son, a Princeton grad, shot his father once in the head with a .40-caliber Glock 22 handgun Sunday afternoon inside his parents’ multimillion-dollar Beekman Place apartment, police said.
        He then callously staged the murder scene to appear as if it was a suicide, placing the gun on his father’s chest and putting the dead man’s left hand over it, Boyce said.
        “The gun laying where it was didn’t seem like a self-inflicted wound as we’ve had in the past,” Boyce said.
        Gilbert Jr. was charged with murder and criminal possession of a weapon, and was awaiting arraignment in Manhattan Criminal Court Monday night.
        He showed no emotion and refused to speak to reporters as detectives escorted him out of the 17th Precinct stationhouse Monday evening and hauled him off to court.
        Gilbert’s parents recently told him they were cutting his $400 a week allowance by $100, a police source said. His parents also informed him they would no longer pay the rent on his apartment in a Chelsea building, where rents average $3,100 a month, the source said.
        The mooching son showed up at his parents’ apartment about 3 p.m. Sunday and asked if he could have a word alone with his father, Boyce said.
        His mother, Shelley, obliged and went out to buy her son a sandwich.
        “About 15 minutes after that she had a bad feeling and decided to return,” Boyce said.
        After finding her husband’s body, Shelley Gilbert called 911.
        Following Gilbert’s arrest at 10:30 p.m. Sunday, police recovered two .40-caliber magazine clips matching the murder weapon, numerous loose rounds and a manufacturer’s box for the Glock 22.
        The killer son refused to talk to detectives and requested a lawyer.
        The veteran financier’s murder left residents in his posh East Side neighborhood stunned.
        “I can’t believe a son would do this. How can a son kill his father?” asked a tearful Charlie Suk, 57, the owner of a Sutton Place cleaners the senior Gilbert patronized.
        He was a good person — a special person,” Suk said of Gilbert, a Wall St. whiz, who also graduated from Princeton and Harvard Business School.
        Gilbert, who had over 40 years of experience working on Wall St., was the founder of Wainscott Capital Partners, a $200 million hedge fund.
        “He was always extremely nice to me and my dog,” said Gilbert’s Beekman Place neighbor Pierre Gazarian, 75. “He was courteous, elegant and well dressed. What I remember most is his smile.”

        1. Ah hope the dog inherit di man money…dat ungrateful son of ah bitch kill him daddy ova $100.00 less him allowance money…one ting fe true, dem rich pickney dem very spoiled ah rude yuh fuchk and definitely feel ah sense of entitlement…

      2. Same suh. Your parents money a nuh your money. I doan know why dem ppl lub come act like chu him come from money he had full access to di money. All him rass do is humiliate him fambly name fi get worthless tings. Dem will sell dem soul fi di worthless tings wah must rot away one day. Handsome bwoy like dis gonna get stalked di fck out in prison.

  3. If all this is true, I do not know this man or know his background but if his family does have money he shouldn’t of never been involved with crooked people. He didn’t have to live on the bad side. We has parents will say one thing but if our children need help we will be there for them no matter what so I don’thin khis parents cut him off completely. I hope he has a good lawyer to fight for him.

  4. You do the crime gwan go do the time. To take disadvantage of old people is a wicked act! Greed shall be the death of some of us. And so what if him rich??? If he was involved and getting money Him behind need fi go join Wah Wah or whatever him name.

  5. Wah Wah a sing like singing sweet…Loyalty is a privilege,it’s not a right…I know no man is going to do twenty years for me,yu mad…Everyone a look a life line to save them self…I did know Wah Wah soon talk…You don’t see they sending for man in Jamaica too…

  6. wah wah an chedda was like best friend…. i cant tell wen last me hear a song from chedda him very quiet lately….

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