1. Honeybee u tink mi a waste time with she? Because mi go seh di rasta a from Trinidad yessideh I guess thats what mek har a stew this morning so every post she will find fault n reason fi spew whatever is in her belly bottom mi love..

  1. YEAP AS I SAID the mission is to mess up God MAN WOMAN count……. I CAN IMAGINE HIM UP IN HEAVEN SHAKING HIM HEAD WITH THE CHALLENGE. i know him have his plan and answer. DONT BELIEVE ME JUST WATCH ( my bruno Mars voice.)

  2. SMFH! What is going on what is going on right now! On top of the bleaching is horrible this man is really trying to pass as a female and nothing about him look right to even seh he can fool someone… I beg unno please stop and just be yourself and frequent your own area and stop trying to fit in with regular people because your just looking for your death! They bright eh.

  3. Why people a act like a de first dem see a tranny? Pluggy u abs a shot! Btw, only God knows why people like Pluggy are the way they are. Just be glad that you are not confuse about your sexuality, or wether you were born in the wrong body.

  4. Most of unuh live inna America or another foreign country weh unuh see battyman pan a daily basis, suh why unuh a act like a di first unuh a see one. More battyman deh inna America, England n Canada more than anywhere else. They r human beings n should be treated as such, I hate when ppl seh fi kill dem etc…. I honestly dont think this is a choice for them , I really think they was born this way so we should thank God that we was born “normal” .

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