Met i dnt know why dis b*tch came for me and i didnt send for her but she came for dt wrong one dat nasty gyal Weh name KIMLYN aka PARIS YOUNG on facebook stop owning man last name when never married yet in your life who drug omar young and go breathe fi him …..with har cold p**y need fi stop call me anno my fault she ugly not my fault Cant hold a man nt my fault. Her p**y a drain YO p**y nuh good gal stop call up my name i see u feel threaten by me gal cause he with good p**y woman who will run his head so come off me name dutty gal and worst u nasty dont cook or clean nuh wonder why him left so why u hold on to him for b*tch stop stalk me and make fake account and stop report me when me threaten u b*tch thought u tough but u fake b*tch when u want talk the truth come at me i keep it real at all times b*tch u just f**k with wrong person if was selling p**y man wouldnt want me so make statement true Dont need sell when am working and man take care of me u crazy looking attention stop it i dony do drama but when a monkey looking b*tch comin at me cause she jealous of me am say something about it got to make truth comes out dont f**k in car b*tch i got class Dont style me i know thats what u do your life is sad late cause picney nah hold man again. Am here to stay b*tch if u was to stay him wouldnt call cops on your ass to get off is property such shame. Talking about i call cops when u know bbyfather did u stupid bitch get a life u too low class for me u trying step in my foot step but not gonna happen am too high class for u. Look on this garbage who talking about i dont look good and me cant dress KIMLYN JOHNSON. ………WELL THIS IS ANNA PALMER AKA QUEENET LOVE MAKING THIS SHIT LIVE KEEP IT REAL AT ALL TIMES WHEN B*TCH TRY TO F**K WITH MY REPUTATION HAVE SAY SOMETHING

7 thoughts on “ANNA SUPPOSE A NUH SHE OO

  1. Then aweh she ago she nuh ready…..Anna look we better nuh wonder the man run ……I guess baby nah man again

  2. I know. Someone send me this shit yesterday i dont keep up on JMG or be on this at all someone see it send it to me so dont care if yall not on this topic nomore am going speak truth dont need bitch do shit behind my bk cause me man dont want her and yes MET AM POSITIVE THATS HER CAUSE MAN SHE RUN DOWN AND A OWN WITH HET LYING ASS A HIM GIVE ME HER PICTURE AND ME SEE HER FACE TO FACE AND SHE WAS A PUNK SHE LUCKY MAN CALL COPS ON HER ASS CAUSE U WOULD HAVE HEAR IT IN NEWS ANNA PALMER BEAT UP PREGNANT WOMAN

    1. Bitch the girl is no f**king punk. I heard the recording of when you guys where face to face bitch and you were saying I have my kids so I don’t want to fight and you yelling out Omar come open the door. When the cops came you run to them saying I called. Idiot gal yuh don’t know my sister background so don’t run off yuh bloodcloth mouth. Who is the real punk?

  3. Really kim stop talking like your sis bitch grow f** up nasty gal first off was u and your kid and me with mine bitch stop lie saying me call down omar lying ass bitch told yoyr stupid ass if u wasnt pregnant bitch i would f**k u up u lucky that u was cause i would be in jail so go run and tell cops this u good at it when cops come told cops this bitch stalking me and my man so go find your own man him dont want you no more thought u was bad thou why tell omar never post up shit on this site lying bitch get a life bitch u mentally ill dont u see that stalking me u obsessed with me bitch on all woman them him f**k with me u have strenght for right but never know say me will dun u right dont fuk with me bitch and stop pretend u somebody else dont u know i know u by now bitch

  4. U really need to stop f**king lie bitch saying u record no wonder why man dont want u damn bitch u lie so much u look stupid dont let me screen shot and send to Met u lie on dead fly and get up and fly

  5. And stop talk bout u sponsor me man how u did that when u dont have shit u must mean other way vehicles u drive him buy it for u who use to take care a u him ur very ungrateful bitch u dont see say me a mad u u petty bitch if me like u i would focus on what in your tummy cause me here to stay bitch and me ago continue mad u so dont make mentally home miss u.Focus on your life
    Not mine
    Am living the life…… stop living in a lie and another thing stop call me private and not talking if u got something to say plz do am here to fix your speech

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