SENDER;-All this talk about politics. Who ever see Andrew or the opposition a run down gun man???the security minister himself let the entire Jamaica know point blank say a obeah man him believe in an a HIM UNO HAVE SO MUCH FAITH IN??? kmt. Wah UNO muss talk uno nah talk the careless mother an father an sisters an brothers who sit an watch their younger sisters getting involved with some sick old perverts because UNO wah enjoy some of the hype a tht UNO muss talk bout. School over from 2:30 an girl nah reach home until 9 pm weh the parents who bout dem ??? UNO a come talk bout politics call the ministers…anyone of them an ask them the whereabouts of their children and you can get an answer!!! Everybody begging and talking to the gun men asking them to change or to the prime minister for help well I’m targeting the parents. IT STARTS FROM THE HOME!!!! U know to god say is a $1000 school shoes u buy fi u daughter cause that’s all the money u had left an u see she turn up in a $4000 school shoes the next day when she reach home . Wah u really do???? How u react to that??? Look in a UNO self!!!!!! Start clean up the dirty deeds in the home !!!!! Christal’s advice to you.

2 thoughts on “LISTEN UP

  1. Sender me agree wid you! A same suh a woman di other night pon news a talk di same talk as you!

    Mi deh road and when mi look a nuh ppl inna dem 20’s or 30’s you see a roam Road in di 10 o’clock a night a dem out! Is a bag a likkle pickney. Ppl hav pickney talk bout dem a go friend yard fi weekend, every weekend and dem suptn deh! Pickney a carry home big money phone and bag a clothes every week! Pickney reach a certain age dem haffi a raise demself! Parents nuh member weh dem yard deh!

    Ppl too free up with how dem a do tings nowadays and it a catch up pon dem!

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