1. Dat house dey nuh look like it hard fi clean. Empty di garbage get a mop and bucket and the house good to go. There are a few children in the house suh mi nuh expect fi seet perfect. Anyways, unno doan video di kids.

  2. Mi mussi have ocd tuh ratid cause mi nuh wah see nothing a linga roun nothing ina di way mi wah see space…. coulda neva nyam nothing weh cook pan dat stove my stove can neva look suh cause mi a cook mi a clean up same time.

  3. Mi hate the person weh video this more than the one weh live in deh , in order for you to be allowed inside someone’s house you must know them to an extent or yu go fi repair something . The mare fact yu have so much time fi video mek mi know yu is a frienemy see how me know friendship any friend mi have and go a them house go see say a so them a live mi just turn them cleaning lady and clean that shit up and teach her how to mi hope while yu a expose people yu a live better on the outside cause mi already see say yu inside worse than inside this house .

  4. Nasty bloodclaats ! Nice house tho. Seems dem ppl yah jus lazy cuz it look like dem start clean and just stop, dem pickney deh look old enough to wash dishes and help clean.

  5. Mi iggy fi di person who video this, wtf yuh a video Di ppl dem Pickney?? Furthermore a holiday now and the kids are home all day and dem big enough can clean up after themselves. If yuh was any friend or family, yuh woulda get them fi clean up the place instead a video, a ppl like you molest ppl Pickney and video it and put on the net. Yuh Issa snake

    1. Bitch how much time you going to be told that issa is not a word!

      Sure you house nasty like this one or worst. “Ignant” Hoe.

  6. I think that was a man’s silhouette. He probably trying to show the kids mother is unfit. This happens all the time. If it was a friend I think they would be more discreet with the camera. .. Just my opinion though. Strong evidence for court.

      1. Me no know is wha dem tek dis fah…see ‘it’s a’ and ‘mere’ a look correction. WhyS demS neva go dealS withS that?

  7. If this is your house go to 1:55 and watch closely, you’ll see the shadow of the stupid snake that sent this in. Look at the head, you must know who’s head that is, and the size of the phone. Also, listen to what your son is listening to, what you said, and his response. You can also ask the children who videoed them, show them the video and ask them who was in the house that day, they may remember what they were wearing and who was there. There are many clues as to who sent this in. They are not as tech savvy as the Diva video producer.

    1. Excellent dear…but the best way is soo much simpler! !right click the video. .go to properties. .it will tell the date n time the video was created. The owner of the house should know who was in the house then…also if u name ur phone..

      all files n folders will be saved under yuh name video/yardie/
      Photos/ the video person name should be there in the properties of this video file!

  8. It’s obviously a male shadow. I hope he is not there because he is sleeping with the children’s mother….if he is, he should be ashamed of himself. The video looked like it was the same day but different times. (The kitchen sink had one dirty fork, then dirty dishes)
    This person had a lot of time on their hands. I hope the home resident knows who recorded it.

  9. That house is big, I noticed 2 tables and multiple Sofa’s. It looks like a lot of people/kids live there, that may explain the mess. I look at it this way, u have many hands to help u clean up. Teach the children to pick up after themselves. To the person who video the home, U wicked because u where welcomed into this home, Judas

  10. The house is bad yes, but nuh dat bad whey you had to video it and shame ppl. I see about a days worth of dishes on the sink. The rubbish is in bin bags. A few things are strewn across the place, it needs a good tidy and clean but let’s be honest, it is not the worst. I don’t see mould, I don’t see rats, piss or shit, I don’t see roach. It is dirty and messy, I won’t deny, but the mother could have been ill for a couple of days and the mess pile up. This house has been neglected for a few days, this is not long term neglect, be honest

  11. This is y i dont invite people to my house, not even family. It have to be important for me to invite no one to my home. This gal did go a my ex yard, take pics of his house n put up bout her dream house, but i never wrong the gal, him lay wid dogs and got fleas. I dont like wen people even take pics in people place because u cant trust people now a days. Gosh this person is a judas n dem fi catch u n beat u to death, evil mf.

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