15 thoughts on “TWINNY TWIN

  1. Good Lord, when will these dancehall folks realize that this socks and shoes thing looks stupid? And this head to toe Gucci thing is so ridiculous, only ghetto dancehall crowd you see in head to toe Gucci.

    1. Apparently you know nothing about fashion. Socks and heels has been fashionable for centuries. The sylye has just been resurrected again for the past 4 – 5 years. Weather you like it is immaterial.

  2. Don’t like this look at all. A vest top or crop top would have looked better than the diamond bra. And I’m not a fan of the headband. Even if it’s Gucci, it still looks like cheap diamontes. You’ve taken Gucci casuals and tried to dress it up, but it’s not working.

  3. Apple guh buy a new bed and new mattress and dash wey that 12 years old, old plastic bed dey wey yuh chop off the bed head And inplant a fake head board and dash wey that dirty mattress before yuh come a road with yuh fake stuff them.
    Apple you and yuh bruck and bossy crew are a set of clowns.
    Uno always think uno popping but uno not.
    Go back tuh school guh learn to read dunce bat gal apple.
    Stop wear Ali express clothes.

  4. Apple ,Apple , Apple yuh always a post up every brand name wey come out you are so rich girl but yet still your son wey a 18years old yuh teach him to drive but you yet to show us on ig the car you bought him.
    Apple every rich girl buy them 18years old child a car.
    Duh it show the crowd that your life is fake because yuh could get your son even a 2012 Camry fi one $10,000 because one of your channel bags are more expensive than that.
    Apple get off social with yuh sad ,broke life.

  5. Twinny look bad bad bad bad bad bad bad times a million. She bleach n waist train like she hear seh she a go get knock off clothes for it.

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