Mind you, they come in Jesus name! Blasphemy
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Trudy A Greenwood
Trudy AnnMarie Greenwood
Decatur, Atlanta, Lauderdale Lakes, FL, Georgia
Trudy is a Jamaican lady who poses as a doctor, immigration lawyer and a real estate broker. She pretends to be a Christian and goes on with her daughter Jenelle Burke to get money from people either through romance or through false investments. She may be using different names such as Ann Burke, but beware as she befriended my good friend and move in with him, borrowed over 200,000 and ran up credit card bills over $50000 stating she will pay back after getting some settlement fro m father in CT. She has also stolen from church members by promising either real estate or immigration help. She can be very persuasive and uses other people vulnerability to her advantage, Last known address is in Georgia.
Trudy AnnMarie Greenwood


    1. trudy is from bog walk in st.catherine.she as always been a lier.sometimea she is a doctor or a lawyer.even her mom who lives in canada tells me to avoid her.

  1. Ahhhhhh boy so this woman tell u she a lawyer doctor n u figet Indian thief Metsy morning hope all is well on ur side
    Gullible n naive is a hell of a ting

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