1. I agree with him somewhat! America had to do what it did (Laws to protect the children) because as we all know they were being raped and murdered and still is! Wasn’t it the other day a lady killed her baby and small child? Some children uses the system against their parents as a way to do what they want because they feel that they are grown. Well, if my child feels that she cannot respect me and my laws then she can get going because she is about to miss her bus! I do agree with him, somewhat…. As for people being locked up and others are rejoicing over their demise?!?… We all do it; especially if it’s someone whom fight against you and tries to tear your walls down. Jay – even you I am sure of it you would not be human if you did not say ( f**a… ah dat she or he fi get), especially if that individual is a devil in hell causing all sorts of havoc in your life, like my damn to be ex- rass husband!!!! I am waiting on the day for his trifling ass! Sorry about that I kind of lost it for a sec.


  2. Is this guy a fool or what? Geesh. This ain’t lyrics to a song this is reality saving your kids by doing the crime instead. Both parents working where? Boy bye!

  3. But lord. Sir n I mean no disrespect here but where u or miss princess work again. I mean if we just spent less time on Instagram inna wi balmain, Gucci and Chanel. Maybe just maybe these kids would have a chance. Maybe more family movie night instead of bokkle showers. Maybe more family trips instead of Miami head to toe balmain flossin. Maybe just maybe the kids would have a chance. If we would choose days at the beach instead of bleach rubbing a night time. The kids would have a better understanding of what true love n life is. But hey what do we know we r just jmg HATERS. We just LOVE to sit down on unnu name everyday n bad mind unnu LAVISH life. We just watch from a distance like hungry dogs waiting for our daily crumbs to drop from the table. Good day

  4. 1st off.. what work are you going to? You have more than enough time to spend with your kids. Jadion dont piss me off!!

    You father’s swear because you name Daddy that you can enter the child life and discipline whenever you want. My baby daddy use to do this and it would piss me and …especially my mom off. He finally got the hint, so we good…

    Jadion the report say you choke the likkle girl. How did she call the cops? Did the mom assist her? Something aint right in your story. I didnt even know you had a big daughter.
    Your daughter dont respect you and you know why. Pink face nigga.

  5. Even if Jay was to his account discipline his big daughter, doesn’t mean if the report is correct to choke the girl or put any hands on the child, let alone a big child that can use the phone and call the cops on you, pretty much the girl is scared for her life and I do not blame her, she got frighten… You are in America now there are laws in place for child abuse and if you don’t want to be in jail then do not do anything that will put yourself in jail… Laws are out there to protect children from their abusers and we do see a lot of children abused so just because you say you were just discipline her doesn’t mean anything… you do not lay hands on the children even if you think a good beaten is what they need, they are protected one way or another… We are not back home, we are in a foreign country with laws that are set that we must adhered too… Have better judgment next time or else you will be in jail again for the same offence…

  6. He clearly copied and pasted that second post, those aren’t his thoughts. Furthermore, he clearly can’t spell, so who in their right mind wants to debate that with him? Lol

  7. Laawd man a lot of people have problems with tenses, homonyms, homophones n such. Them struggle with words weh sound alike but are spelt differently n have different meanings, him just need fi work pon that n Google d big word them before him use them, plus him make some valid points regardless a him occupation, d poor man n him wife always have to b at work, working working working (Porsha Voice) n can’t get fi spend no time with em kids

  8. Can he get an Amen? Sir, I rebuke yuh horrible spelling and grammar, mi rebuke you lightly boiled lobster complexion. If yuh raise yuh kids right from birth and is an active daddy and not a sporadic father you wouldn’t have these problems with discipline, mi nah see teens won’t try it, but if she respected you from the jump it wouldn’t get this far. stop blame the system and raise yuh child right.

  9. I am cringing while reading the first post. I do not know this individual but I am so embarrass. This is such a turnoff!!!

  10. I understand what he is saying but his kids will never really respect both of them as parents. Look at their lifestyle? Many of you might say lifestyle has nothing to do with it but it does. Everyone around them are criminals, I know the kids aren’t idiots, they have to notice that their parents don’t have a job that allow them to buy a dress that cost $500 while mommy has to wait for the EBT card to be refill monthly in order to buy groceries.

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