Miss Oprah proppa she finally get f**king ketch. Gal stop hype a dance and go look a work. Miami big mix up this. Na bathe sowa oprah ah sleep down a broward county main jail tonight. She a professional thiefT she all get charge fi device. Har same friend them a chatt


  1. yes she same one wey deh ah dance a fight over other man cocky and her pickney dem and babyfadda at home wat a rass life

  2. a bet yuh by next year dis time dem gwine stop give dem bail or a slap on de risk nd mek dem start duh sum real frigging time cuz it a get way way outta hand nd only a mek it hard fi honest ppl weh will’n fi spend dem bickle inna de stores as yuh walk in worse wid a stroller dem jus up unda yuh bloodclaat suh wen a spend yuh really cum fi spend..chuh

  3. Its a damn shame Simpli cause don’t ask if dem nuh stalk u inna di store like u about to teef.A now dem out deh inna numbers fi teef school shopping

    1. germs dem a tell yuh before dem guh luk wuk nd lub lie bout none nuh deh,dem jus mek it harder fi BLACK ppl every phuck’n day nd tink it cute

  4. She always deh pon insta a show off and a show price tag and the name a the things dem , and can never provide a receipt . Now we know how u get dem ole THIEFT , LOL . :ngakak

      1. Bobby Robbas will lock off half a dis year by har self mama n while she doing har time u haffi go drop een the rest

  5. Well well I would like to big up mi four chilldrain dem a dem mi live fa shoplift fa n go jail fa Rat poison, Rat trap, Ratatoille and last but not least Rat shit mama luv unnu.
    Mi say from mi go pon insta a see the chilldrain dem name mi say yasssssssssssssssss gawddddddddddddddddddddddddd, unnu too fuxxing fingering fearing n unnu make it into a career well if u a shoplifter n dem do time yet fi it mi nah buy u goods just like how mi nah go a doctor whey no hab him doctorate :hammer :hammer
    Damn idiots all fi moggle pon poverty stricken and poor ass ppl like u self kmft

  6. Di tiefin, sorry theftin waste gyal an bwoy dem nah stop harass di people dem store until some serus consequence drap pon dem. Dem is ah disgrace, not to mention di one dem weh knowingly buy an tek di clutch goods dem. Sorry bunch!

    1. knowingly clutch and proud about it like is a 9-5…di ones whey put on fake uniforms and go ina store go teef those ones

  7. Big sour Oprah weh a gwan like she nah f**k suck pussy bully weh nah tek care a him pickney them. Dutty over grown 22yr old gal yu need a life n stop walk and thief fi keep a man yu stink like

  8. Big sour oprah weh a act like suck pussy bully nah f**k her inna her sour hole. This over grown man body bitch bout she about that life bitch please to have a million seats cause yu on IG showing out and we both knw a store credit yu get yu shit dem tru. This over grown 22yr old tranny affi thief fi keep a man. Oprah yu stink like

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