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  1. good morning Met. sender, you sound illiterate, because having down syndrome is not a crime, it’s an illness that no one with sense would wish on another. go sit your ass down, you guudda want the man and him naw look your way.

  2. Y the Down syndrome reference? It is somewhat insensitive and discriminating. I would hate to lose respect for this website owner due to insensitive references . Yes, Met I am sure my respect means nothing to you and yours.

  3. No sahhhhhhhh sometime mi really haffi wonder cause I’m baffled did the disclaimer up top not state the views are not that of the administrator n such y come out swinging tho, yes the sender is rude to say Down’s syndrome so how Met drop in?

  4. b4 mi guh deep into de blogging,Admin mi a ask jus a smallaz deh..yuh mind changing the gray part a the writing fi the recent post and recent comments into a darker color even if a brown the gray a duh sup’m tuh the 14/20 vision mama,real tawk.

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