1. I bet the German elections scheduled for next year can’t come quick enough for Merkel. The French elections are in May also and it is rumoured that Le Pen will win by a landslide. God help us all.

  1. Merkel is controlled by NATO and the globalists they are all afraid now they cannot push for dominance of all nations Trump and Putin will stop the expansion of the New World Order, and bring peace and stability… Where the Globalists actually back the Terro/ist to invade sovereign countries… You lot do not understand what is going on, u just following the Globalists plans without having a clue who is what… You should all be praising President Put in of Russia, the media and Globalists have pushed this man to the brink if he was a bad man he would have been in a straight out military war already but he has done everything he can not to get into a war, NATO have their troops on his borders which is illegal as signed in the convention.. How would USA like to have Russian troops on their border? USA invading all those middle east countries stealing their resources… The thing is the USA government has been taking over by Globalists they give the orders and are using the USA military as their private army to do illegal wars they have taken over the complete USA financial, judicial systems with only a few good people left who haven’t been bought out or corrupted. .. Big up all who stand for truth and Justice. …

  2. it is going to backfire in UK,US,even france if le pen wins, and believe me that it would never go that route in germany because the german populus regardless if they are disgruntled about a situation would NEVER vote for any far right party because they are way too sensitive about their past! it would also spurned ideological wars with far left and liberal governments like the one in canada and other EU or EC countries, even though people are disgruntled, all those far right governments are very unpopular and will only be one term goverments because they were voted in by the people of those respected countries like here in the US as a REFERENDUM on the center or far left government who they perceive as taking the people votes for granted, they might have better luck in europe given that those parties have been around in europe for a long time but america’s political system in the post segregation era is not receptive to those type of ideology and that is why CHUMP is so unpopular because that sentiment is taking the country back to an era that nobody wants to remember, its like cutting open a wound that had already heal, even though hollande is very unpopular, I doubt le pen will win, I hope not, her party will gain a few more seats in parliament as a way of checks and balance but the people will give the office of fance’s presidency to the conservative right and not a racist party, I think they are watching to see how this fiasco is going to play out with CHUMP and then you’ll see the trickle over effects in europe! also the people themselves have to maintain control on those racist parties because that trend would emboldened the NAZI party in germany and the FACIST party in italy and we wouldn’t want to predict the outcome!…….heard from reliable source that PUTUN is the orchestrator behind the scene but I heard they are orchestrating something for him in russia, don’t know, just have to wait and see, all I know is if its true, it will be difficult because the KGB/FSB man is a hard nut to crack.

  3. (9 days) and then everyone will be settled and back in their little rat holes..
    Calm down your new President is Donald until 2020! #trumppence :ngakak :ngakak

  4. So the DNC emails prove conclusively that hillary conspired to destroy the Bernie Sanders nomination, and put herself forward instead, against the will of the democrat members, and yet…no one…says…anything…about it??? oh yeah, cos trump.

    google cognitive dissonance. It’s a real thing.

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