Met mi agree wid yuh. Dem batty look like it 😷. Some a dem chafe between the crack suh all between deh suh dem bleach. Then dem haffi put make up fi conceal the buss up from the bleach. All dem pic filtered suh yuh nuh see the fault but see dem inna day light a something else. Mi know Sher and poochie and dem a ova dweet now. Poochie yuh a done out Mikey money pon plastic surgery and still a f**k pon him. All deh watch him a watch yuh, yuh still a gi it whey. Sher yuh body cannot ever look good. The dancing nah go no where. Yuh hair business nah go no whe. Yuh look stiff and awkward when yuh a duh yuh dance routine.. A muss cement inna yuh batty jaw. Met from yuh duh yuh body and it duh good anything yuh have on ago show up the good good suh yuh nuh haffi dress naked fi get notice. Kmt. These b*tches are the equivalent to “dumb blonde”. Fu**g air heads.

2 thoughts on “ANTS ON STEROIDS

  1. :ngakak @ Ants on steroids ____________ A long time mi a seh she nuffi ova dweet cause she too short :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak mi tink bout di batty sweating tuh cause di piece a flat ass wah mi hab a sweat suh muchless all doe fimi pores fully open still….mi cyaah imagine all dem deh breed a plactic deh.. plus di long nails.. dem cuddn clean… unda dem mowley.

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