Good day Met

The young man from Scotia that was killed, I hear all now him nuh bury because his mother waiting on him to be resurrected.

Want to know if any one on the site have any information about it.


0 thoughts on “ANY UPDATE?

  1. Senda from your discription of the hotel room, I get the feeling that you were at the last one. It sounds like you are upset. they must have excluded you from this event. better luck next time. by the way there is nothing wrong with the shoes.

  2. Good Manners to each and everyone.

    If I laugh in yah di people dem put mi out…I gotta love my people…no other like Jamaicans.

  3. I heard that too Met. His mother has refused to accept he is dead n doesnt want t bury him. Dont know if the Govt can intervene

  4. this is sad anuh everybody can bury dem dead enuh,i feel so sorry for his mother a hope she can likkle free therapy cuz dis beyond deep oh my

  5. I used to see this dude at Scotia half way tree .How quick a life can be taken away .Very sad.
    JESUS help his mother please .

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