Falling star how you pregnant and still a drink champagne, falling star you take away the kelly cousin boyfriend and run go get pregnant,you use f**k dainty baby father pelpa falling star you love kelly cousin man them, kayann try watch sample with falling star allissa you good because you come like falling star cant keep a man

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0 thoughts on “PRENATAL ENTITY

  1. When boy love likes anything is possible. this lickel bwoy not even 22 but a f**k big ole retired horse like she fi clothes and car and money. Him no have no pickni so i guess she wants to be forever #1 in his book. It’s a shame because his poor girlfren who is his age is going to school to be a nurse and don’t even have time to entertain him and his nite nurse that man dunn pon bout 20 yrs now.. shakera why u neva go breed and keep all adi other men kids but you choose fi tie down di ppl dem young baby bwoy. Bengo, Munchie,Police,Kevin, Nick,Jeff British, Chuko,shawn Sharpe and di rest neva good enough fi be ur babyfadda?You condition really wah Shampoo. If you nah spend no time wid di one child you already have , wah time you ago have fi di new baby..Yea we know u buy ur daughter all the clothes in the world, but actually spending time with her make u the best mother in the world.Stop live pon ur job juss so you can mine man.

  2. this girl do a 24/7 live in hha job just to take care of this little boy , low self-esteem I tell u.all bobby do is walk and chat diddy and the rest of man dem with every gal he f**k. he has a woman and her name is not shakera smh the 3sum cant hold him

  3. the top pic look like true love on the other hand bottom pic we can see mate all over it. shakera stop taking care of this boy and his woman no man wants you. you have a bad rep everyone laughing at you. never buy a man shoes

  4. bobby you look soo good with your wife up top dwl that pic with the mate dont look good. I know out of respect you had to take that unwanted pic with world biggest hore shakera because she work so hard to buy your clothes and shoes

  5. Mi hear wid my two ears bobby seh him don’t shining star, him just want are money an car fi take care of juju.

  6. Bobby love juju shakera nuh look like juju. Juju pretty nuh bbc shakera suck too much cock a shaker say three sum yo likkle shut

    1. If him so call love JuJu, why him smash the next girl without a COMDOM?????? N!ggas ain’t Shi!t. Smh

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