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  1. Sad situation,and no i don’t think your wrong..if your wife loved you enough she would have understand where you coming from and be more supportive of your decision!!all you child mother have to do is respect your home and hurry to find her way back on her own feet..

  2. you’re wrong.
    you are responsible solely for your wife and your child, you are not responsible for the baby mother.
    it is nice for you to care about her, but at some point, you need to stand up for yourself and realise that she needs to help herself.
    you could have offered to keep the child for her until she can get her situation together. you are not obligated to her though and the way you write sounds like you care about her.

  3. Divorce d damn wife & marry yuh baby mother!!! Apparently d wife has trust issues, & cant look beyond d fact that u would respect her enough not to get involved or engage in any sexual relationship with ur former. An important part of being married is to love, trust, respect & communicate with ur spouse, there are times when these values will be tested, but they will not work independent of each other, u have to love d person enough, to know that they trust & respect u enough not to step out of bounds & to have a good communicate line, which can make or break a relationship. If she cant look past her own jealousy & see that d man just wanted to assist his child & his mother, until she could stand on her own, and fend for herself. If she is not able to understand he made that decision to house both child & mother because he loves his son, & his son loves his mother, then that woman does not deserve to be by his side, & I say that with no reservation. I am sure if his son is old enough to have a full understanding of d situation, he would not have wanted to know that he had a nice warm comfortable place to stay & his mother does not. It can also be argued both ways too, d opposite is also true, as there is d popular Jamaican saying that goes “sorry fi meagre dog dem tun round bite yuh” so it has a lot to do with, d relationship both ladies, had before if any, how they related to eachother, & if the wife saw this baby mother as a “tekka” & somehow felt threatened, & feel that it was important to protect her turf, maybe she felt that her husband still harboured feelings for his child’s mother. She could an more than gi har a bly & if she cross d boderline & mek a move at her husband, then she beat out har claat & kick out har claat inna d snow/out a door. But where is this lady’s family though??? :bingung Suh d baby mother family couldnt put har up???? I hope she had exhausted all her options in finding somewhere to stay & this was her last resort!!! I hope this was not a ploy of hers to take away d lady’s husband??!! But me funny bad enuh, cauz nuh care how bad my situation be, mi rather live under a tree!!!!!! mi nah kotch wid no gal & har man (ex & dem woman) no fowl mi nah kotch wid under dem fowl roost/coop mek a gal feel like dem more than mi??? Yuh mussi mad!!!

    1. :ngakak ONEDROP yuh mek mi laugh wid yuh last few lines :ngakak Fi real, mi naw kotch wid no EX….dem is EX fi ah reason. Sticky situation weh only nawmal people can solve….tuh how mi nuh nawmal a guy couldn’t bright and ask me fi put up him past, present, nor future ooman. Unless ah sky she drop from and nuh hab nuh earthly fambily.

    2. Sometimes some man love kip up dem almshouse tuh naa mean?!..I personally think he is doing the right thing in terms of helping tuh house them both under the sed roof, looking out for the best interest of and for his son and baby mother….but then again, two can play that game, cause I woulda feel mad uncomfortable ah guh kotch wid mi ex man ah feem yawd til mi man and him babymadda sawt out fidem ting ah my yawd….see how he like dem apples.. :siul

  4. Why would you go behind your wife’s back and so something she did not approve of? You are doing the right thing for your child, but your babymother must have relatives or friends otherwise that she could stay with. You don’t want to split then up because you do not want to spend the time needed to take care of the child. If the mother is there then there is nothing really for you to do with or regarding to the child. Trying to play house like unno is one big happy family while your wife fi sit back and smile..unno lucky.

  5. He did the right thing. Sometimes in life you have to do things you don’t want either to better yourself or to help others. Why the wife mad? Atleast he’s a real man that understand situations and willing to lend a helping hand when necessary. A bet if it was her family she wouldn’t be mad smh. Wife have insecurities let she tan deh with them, hope she no show that child and his mom no bad face cause that shit gonna come back and bite her in the ass. God test every relationship and this is one. Can’t be a jamaican man because he would have refuse down to his mother to please the bitch of a woman. I RESPECT DIS MAN TO THE FULLEST!

  6. We don’t even know the age of the child , which might be the reason he don’t want tke them apart but why he couldn’t ind other means for them? Maybe a maytee and new baby a dat bun the wife ….very sticky , even though he’s doing the right thing, no man mi deh wid wouldn’t have bring ome shit like to me. The babymother habe him secrets lol

  7. not a bumboraasclaat….gi mi mi pickney and go katch yuh raas round a di homeless shelter…..(and him probly did a pay child support di whole time) if yuh feel say yuh no want leff di pickney wid mi fi whateva reason…(mostly chue yuh probly no want lose di child support money)..den di two a unnu cyan go shelter go katch…..mi conscience woulda clear and hopefully one day di pickney forgive yuh fi yuh selfish raas…..and mi nah mash up mi likkle dolly house nor cause contention just because yuh feel say di pickney gi yuh a hold over mi….mi will look down di barrel of a gun fi mi pickney but mi nah mek no gyal tek pickney use as di barrel of said gun…..

  8. The situation is sticky and this was NOT the best solution for all parties involved..If the roles were reversed, i am sure, my husband would NOT be comfortable wit the idea of me kotching at babyfada yaad till me sort out meself..NINJA PLEASE!!! THERE ARE ALTERNATE SOLUTIONS AND THIS ONE RIGHT HERE WAS NOT THE APPROPRIATE ONE!!

  9. The man stated that an eviction was the cause of babymother situation. A eviction doesn’t happen over night so baby mother would have had enough time fi mek housing arrangement. Therefore she and the man coulda use pickeney fi play house under wifey nose. The situation too fishy fi my purpose.

  10. your wife and baby mother may hook up and put your behind out your house.
    that baby mother may not want to leave, as she may see what you did as having no respect or love for your wife.

  11. Mi would go tell mi baby father fi come move in too..Since u can disregard my answer..then u shouldn’t have a problem with my ex movin in for a bit. One big happy family.. Kmt u damn wrong!!! Guess a nuh my house tuh, so mi nuh have no talk..I would put out the whole a unuh baxcide cho.

  12. The man is very outadah. Bout move in ex. He has no regard for the feelings of his wife. This situation is unacceptable on many levels. The husband gonna learn his mistake the hard way.

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