I know it is short notice but it is my fault, I really was to post a notice on Monday and forgot.. So here goes
>> Are you confused spiritually? Have you been having dreams that you dont know the meaning of? Tomorrow I am inviting Minister Kevin Ewing, author of Journey Into God’s word to blog with us and answer all your questions. Minister Ewing comes with a wealth of knowledge about God and spirituality. From experience I can say that our lives are constantly being shaken and derailed by spiritual attacks and the more aware we are of them , the easier our lives will become.
I came across Minister Ewing’s blog when I tried to find some information on monitoring spirits and I was mesmerized by the knowledge . I know many of you can also benefit from this , hence my invite.

0 thoughts on “ANYONE CHECKING IN? 11’30 AM TOMORROW

  1. Met you know I appreciate this more than words can transcribe… I’ve been searching earnestly as you know and I know these things are there. It comes at an appropriate time..chuss mi!

  2. yes i will check in definitely, cuz i had a dream about two weeks ago that creeped me out and i can’t stop thinking about it as i don’t know what it means, or if indeed it means anything at all.

  3. Met if you get in contact with the man pls ask him what dreaming of bodies of water mean, cultural explanations differ. Pls also ask him about children’s dreams my sister often dreams of being eaten or attacked by animals or lions and my brother often has a pain in his lower back when he wakes.. Im getting a bit worried

  4. Minister Kevin is anointed and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the deliverance ministry. His style of teaching is captivating and interesting. He has such a genuine interest for the body of Christ to come into a full understanding of the word of God. Everyone is in for a treat from this awesome man of The Lord! Don’t miss it!

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