Dreaming of Snakes
Are you having dreams about snakes? Wow! these are some of the most evil dreams you could experience. A snake represents evil, wickedness, witchcraft, deceit etc.
Scripture tell us that the serpent (snake) was more subtle than any best of the field, Genesis 3:1. The word subtle is defined as being incognito, never revealing one’s true identity always hiding behind someone or something else. “And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceives the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him” Rev. 12:9
Black snakes represent pure evil, while the size and type of snake in your dream will determine the level of evil that is challenging you. For example, let’s say you dreamt about a black cobra and you saw this black Cobra coming out of the water to attack you. Well, the dream is indicating that the spirit of witchcraft has been sent against you and because it’s a Cobra it further indicates that this is not your regular attack instead a top ranking spirit, specifically a principality.
The black Cobra coming out of the water now speaks to the branch of witchcraft attacking you, which is the marine spirits aka, water spirits.
It is vitally important to understand the details of your dreams because the specific details will determine how you will respond. In this particular case your prayer must be specifically against witchcraft from the spiritual marine kingdom and because you’re dealing with a principality you must advance your counter attack with fasting. As a side note, fighting principalities must include fasting along with prayer.
In Daniel chapter 10, it was as a result of Daniel’s prayer and fasting that the prince of Persia (A demonic spiritual principality) was subdued by Michael, who is a chief Prince Angel of the Lord’s Angelic host, Daniel 10:13. So as you would have read this type of spiritual warfare will require reinforcement, in fact I advise you to call on Michael the angel of the lord during your prayer time to assist you, providing you’re on a fast of course.
This is nothing new, if you would recall Jesus himself said that certain types of evil spirits will only leave via prayer and fasting, Matthew 17:21.
Written By: Kevin L A Ewing
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0 thoughts on “DREAMING OF SNAKES

  1. i only read the first line n i HAD to comment b4 finish reading, that’s mt most consistent dream… almost every night i dream bout snakes n it freaks me out sooo bad!!! Makes me paranoid as fuk n i always google dream interpretation to read what my dreams mean so I knew it was nothing good.

    1. Ano, be mindful of the people who surround you. If your gut instinct or intuition tells you that something is wrong then more than likely, something is wrong..never go against it….

    2. This passage isn’t entirely, true snakes of any kind means enemies better yet fren enemies. If you dream si snakes, you need to watch di ppl dem around you.

    3. Now if you killed it or hurt it it means you will over come, if you dont it means you’re in for some TROUBLE.

  2. Met, the two times I dreamt that a snake bit me I ended up in the hospital… Both incidents I was attacked….After that I never had those dreams again, thank God

  3. one time mi dream see snake a drop out a mi car tire….mi get scared suh mi ask mi mada weh it mean and she seeh it means evil… and two days afta di dream mi and mi supervisor fight..gyal laugh and chat wid mi den carry mi name to di managa

  4. For me snake dream always mean a deception aka “snake inna grass”. You juss haffi track your dreams and see di symbolism behind it fi u, it different fi everybody.

  5. Good day to u met n ur team, oh boy where do I start phew! Firstly I love th site so much n a big thanks n thumbs up for ur work n support all year round… Ok met mi need yuh help pon this. I had a dream about that kind of snake in th pic up top. I dream that th snake was in me, in th dream I went to a doc n he said that he can’t kill th snake because if he do th snake will know n take my life also. Now in th dream when I feel th snake issst in my belly n push it’s head tru my bum I start to sream for god n shout out asking Jesus for help, when I did all th shouting th snake stop issing, then th doc say he can’t help because th snake smart… Now before that dream mi horoscope warned me that I should start to write down my dreams because they av important issue. Met its th first I dream of snake, I don’t know what’s up. Can anybody interpret this dream for me thank u all.

  6. Dreaming of snakes generally indicates deceit, evil wickedness etc. However there is what is know as dream markers. Dream markers are dreams where an individual has a dream about a certain symbol that has a specific meaning just for them. For example to dream about fish would indicate fertility or someone being pregnant. While generally for others it could indicate marine spirits aka water spirits, it could also be indicating increase for example when Jesus multiplied the fish in the story of his feeding of the 4000.

  7. Last night I dreamt of snakes in my house. I was standing in my kitchen and a long green snake fell down out of my kitchen cupboard. I remember it was really long, like anaconda long but it was slim like a garden snake. I was in the kitchen with my daughter when this happened. I remember thinking in the dream that this snake was long and was prob in the garden of eden but it doesn’t look harmful then same time right behind me up rise this big green anaconda and it had these sharp teeth and it was fat. there were two of them in the dream and i remember running from them and at one point i was thinking of using something to chop them up. I was running through my living room like iw as going to run outside but at the last minute i stepped aside and to how one of the anaconda after me it couldn’t stop itself when mi step out of the way and it slithered really fast out of the door and i locked the door with the lock behind me. i remember my daughter and i ran upstairs to hide from the others in the bathroom and i was explaining to my daughter that we couldn’t hide in the bathroom because they can come from there too because we never expected a snake in our cupboard and that’s where the first fell from. Once i finish telling my daughter that another snake fell out of my shower head into the bath tub. it was also very green and long so til it fold up around and around. That’s where the dream ended for me

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